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Posted: November 12, 2021

Good morning families!

It looks like we are headed for week 3 of home learning. I hope that you are all doing well and that things are going well at home (and I am not just referring to the school work!). I understand that every family circumstance is different- I hope that I am giving you all enough options for home learning without causing you undue stress. Please remember that you can reach out to me at ANY time with questions or requests for support. We are all just doing the best we can given this current situation. 

Next week, I am participating in the development of the Grade 5 Math Assessment for the province. This means that I will not be 'available' on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. I will have more information about the supply teacher who will be replacing me on Sunday evening. At the moment, the individual replacing me does not speak French. I will be uploading a video with the morning routine, as well as all of the inferencing work we normally do. He will be available all day via Teams and email (I will post his email on along with a better update for the week). Of course, if there are issues that only I can solve, I am going to be answering emails and questions in the Teams group to the best of my ability during those days, as well. I just might not be available to respond right away :) 

Next Friday is a day off for students as teachers prepare report cards and engage in professional learning. Please take that time to take a much deserved break :) 

That's all for now :)

Mme Sharpe

Posted: November 8, 2021

On Friday morning at 9:30 a.m., we are going to be doing an inquiry-based science experiment. Please see the attached document for more information. This one is really fun and doesn't require lots of specific supplies for success. I hope you'll join me! 

Let me know if you have any questions!

Mme Sharpe

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Posted: November 8, 2021

Here is a guide for this week's home learning. Please reach out if you have any questions or need any support :) All supporting documents are available in the Teams files. If you are unable to gain access to them, please email me and I can attach them in a reply :) 

Have a wonderful week, 

Mme Sharpe

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Posted: November 4, 2021

Individual student login information :)

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Posted: November 4, 2021

Splash Learn

Me again. Sorry, I know there has been so much thrown at you all in the past few days. I think that you are all rockstars!! I just signed the students up for Splash Learn accounts, so if they want to go and play on here, the login information is in the Teams platform and I will post the PDF document in another post (I am unable to add it to this one) 

Our CLASS CODE is NCZVPO. Your child's unique password is in the PDF document. Happy playing!

Posted: November 4, 2021

Students can choose to work on some of these activities. Most of them should be able to do the majority of this in French, but since the skills apply to both French and English, they can feel free to try them in either language! 

Grade 4 and 5

 This week try to find some non-fiction texts to read. You can read a book about nature, an internet article, a magazine, or any other non-fiction text that you are interested in. Below are links to sites with free non-fiction texts. After you have finished your reading, choose two of the boxes below to answer.

What questions do you have about the topic?




What connections did you make as you read?

Text to Self?

Text to World?

Text to something else you have read?

Write about some facts you learned from your reading. Share your opinion about something you read.

Pick three events from your book or article and write about the things that caused those events to happen.




Describe the main ideas and details you read about this week.

Compare or contrast ideas from the book. Write about two things that are similar or different.

Draw a picture that summarizes what you learned this week. Label your drawing to identify

important ideas.



What information was most interesting to you?

Write a letter to the author. What did you like?

What questions do you still have?





Grades 4 & 5

As the weather gets cooler, there are several fall activities that you can do outdoors. Choose a topic from the list below or select your own topic and write a piece of procedural writing giving instructions on how to do, make, or be your topic.

Text Structure for Procedural Writing

Purpose: To provide instructions about how to make, do or be something:


How to Make

How to Be a

carve a jack-o-lantern

a giant leaf pile

good friend

pick apples

an apple pie

soccer player

care for a pet

a bike Ramp


go on a hayride

a fall collage

good student

fly a kite

hot chocolate


skip rope

a sandwich (choose your favourite sandwich)

at home helper at your age

ride a bike

a bed

good pet owner


Try to include the following in your procedural writing:


Goal   What is going to be made or done?

Materials   What is needed?

Steps   How will it be made or done?




Posted: November 3, 2021

I made a little tutorial to help you navigate Teams. If you still have any questions, please reach out :)

Posted: November 3, 2021

Boukili reading platform

I've also signed students up for the reading platform Boukili. Students will have access to a bunch of books that they can listen to or read, in addition to Je Lis. I recommend this site for supplemental work as an addition to Je Lis for parents who are having a hard time accessing French texts. They can also listen to the book, similar to Je Lis, and if you download the app, they can also record the books they read. Just an additional resource for you all!

The class code is qh8x45

Posted: November 3, 2021

Hey everyone! 

Day 234762 of home learning.

JUST KIDDING! It's ONLY day 3!...

I had some parents asking questions about the expectations for home learning. So I am hoping to clarify things a little bit for you. I apologize in advance for my long-windedness :) 

Every morning, I will have a teams meeting on the MS Teams platform. This is at 9:30 am. If your child is ABLE, I would love to see them online. I am continuing our in class routines- weekly message, reading comprehension strategy (inferencing), and a bit of daily math. This typically lasts an hour, but I am willing to stay online longer with the kids if they want to do other activities. 

Then, I send them on their own to finish their daily minutes (90 minutes of learning) and I've provided tons of work in the files section of the MS Teams platform (video to come on how to access for those less technically inclined, like myself!) I'm still available for Teams meetings with small groups of students or one-on-one, if your child doesn't understand something or wants extra help. Additionally, they can drop comments in the chat section of the platform and I will answer them as quickly as possible. 

I've added math worksheets in almost all of the outcomes that we have covered so far this year. I will be adding the rest throughout the week, as well as additional sheets for the items that are already there. The expectation is NOT for students to complete all of this work! They know what topics they find challenging, so have them get some practice on the things that they find most difficult. I am also working on quick "tutorial" videos for each of those items in order to help them with that work. Again, I am available all day to also hop on a call with students who still require more support. 

I've added information for a reading platform called Je Lis. The document will explain everything for you, but if you still have questions, please let me know. I want to give them as many options to support their learning from home as possible. I am also in the provcess of setting up an account for another online platform where students can go and choose from many books to read and listen to- I know that finding French materials to read is timely and difficult. Another post is coming for that learning platform, called Boukili. Some other suggestions for practicing French at home:

-Put on a kid's show in French (Netflix often has a variety of shows that can be turned on in French, and adding subtitles is a great way for your child to get their reading AND oral practice for the day)

-Listen to the weather statements in French, or other kid-friendly announcements

-Check for podcasts designed for kids in French. These ones might be worth checking out! Have your child replay the same message several times. It is amazing how listening to a text several times opens up our comprehension :)

This one is also REALLY cool- all about mythology and legends (and the speaker is not tooooooo fast 

While we all hope that this ends soon, we are preparing for the potential to have this span the longhaul. I am trying to accommodate all of the different learning paths and realities so be patient, but also reach out. You are your child's best advocate and if you need something, I am here to help. 

At this moment, I will not be collecting work for the purpose of evaluation for report cards. If that changes, I will provide you with an update and help guide you through this process. We are learning all of this together and we will work through it as a team! 

If you still have questions, please send me an email and I will reply to you as quickly as possible.

Hang in there, folks!

Mme Sharpe

Posted: November 3, 2021

I'm adding the document for the reading platform, JE LIS. I am really looking forward to having students record their readings and send them to me! Please let me know if you have questions :)

Mme Sharpe

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