Mr. Williston & Ms. McFarlane (Phys. Ed.)

Mr. Williston


Did you know that vegetables are loaded with nutrients and are full of the vitamins, minerals and fiber we need to be healthy?


There are 5 different types of vegetables (I didn’t know that until now).


Type 1: Dark green vegetables – Example: broccoli, kale


Type 2: Starchy vegetables – Example: potatoes, corn


Type 3: Red and orange vegetables – Example: carrots, pumpkins


Type 4: Beans and peas – Example: black beans, kidney beans


Type 5: All other vegetables – Example: lettuce, onions


Try to eat vegetables from each group as much as possible and remember that lots of them don’t even need to be cooked before you eat them.


Fresh vegetables are a healthy choice, but not always available, so try frozen ones because they are still loaded with all the nutrients we need.




Try this quiz and see what you remember.


1.       How many types of vegetables did you read about?


2.       Blue and green vegetables are one of the types listed. True or False


3.       Vegetables only have fiber in them. True or False


4.       Only fresh vegetables are good to eat. True or False


5.       List the vegetables you can eat raw.


Source: 12 Tips for a Healthy Diet by Marne Ventura and the Canada Food Guide


Posted: March 16, 2020

Today’s “Physical Activity Challenge”

Part 1: Go outside for at least 30 minutes.  

Part 2: Complete 100 “jumping jacks”

Posted: March 16, 2020

Good Morning KSE Family,

Each day I will be posting a tip for a healthy lifestyle that I hope you can read and share with your family.

Day 1 – Tip #1 “A Healthy Diet”

Have some fruit!

All fruits are full of vitamins and these are needed to keep you healthy. Did you know that vitamins help you see different colours? Vitamins help you to see better and they turn food into energy. Vitamins help your bones grow stronger.

Fruits are also full of minerals.  Minerals help your body fight off infections and heal after a cut. Minerals help your brain and nerves work so you can control your body and keep your muscles strong.

Fruits are full of fiber and fiber helps you poop (Yes, I said “Poop”), so they help carry away waste (and when I say “waste” I really mean poop).

Also, fruit come with their own wrappers that you just need to peel, like oranges, so they are an easy snack for anyone.


Try this quiz and see what you remember.

1.      1. Fruits are full of __________. (Fill in the blank)

2.      2. Minerals in fruit keep you muscles strong. Ture or False

3.      3. The fiber in fruit helps me ____________. (Fill in the blank)

4.      4. List you three favorite fruits. 1.________________ 2. ._______________  3. ._______________ 

5.      5. List a fruit that comes in its own wrapper that is not an orange. _________________



Source: 12 Tips for a Healthy Diet by Marne Ventura and the Canada Food Guide 

Posted: February 28, 2020


Our grade 4 and 5 students enjoyed a skateboarding session with ASD-N P.E. Lead Paul McKinnon. We would like to thank Mr. McKinnon for spending the day with us at King Street.  


Posted: January 24, 2020

Posted: January 17, 2020

Posted: November 26, 2019

Posted: November 26, 2019

Our King Street students enjoyed some Cardio Drumming with the JMH Leadership students and their teacher Mrs. Tucker along with Mr. Watters (PE Lead) this week as part of their Physical Education...

Posted: November 13, 2019


National Jersey Day 


Show your support forSchool Sport across Canada! 


"Wear Your Jersey to School on


 Thursday November 14th" 



ASD-North is supporting the NBIAA and School Sport Canada in promoting Thursday, November 14th as a national day to show your love and support for sport by wearing a sport jersey to school or work. We would encourage all schools in ASD-North to have as many of their staff and students participate in this day as possible

Posted: September 26, 2019


The King Street Cross Country team had its first meet of the season on Wednesday September 25th in Blackville.  We had 37 runners taking part this season and the following are the top 3 runners in each grade for King Street.


Grade 3 Boys: 1st Oliver Burtt, 2nd Logan Doiron, 3rd Walter Howe


Grade 4 Boys: 1st Marcello Lebouthillier, 2nd Ronan MacDonald, 3rd Teddy Canistro


Grade 5 Boys: 1st Vincent Engelmyher, 2nd Jansen Kingston, 3rd Carter Doiron


Grade 3 Girls: 1st Mille Canistro, 2nd Gracie Jardine, 3rd Brie Fowlie


Grade 4 Girls: 1st Cassidy Cameron, 2nd Mya Fowlie, 3rd Reese Stymiest


Grade 5 Girls: 1st Sarah Williston, 2nd Emma Matheson


Thank you to all family members and friends that supported our runners this season. Our next practice is Monday Sept. 30th after school and the next meet is Wednesday Oct. 2nd at Gretna Green School.


King Street Cross Country Coaches


Mr. Williston, Mrs. Hill and Mrs. McFarlane



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