Home Learning Oct. 12 -14, 2021

This week we have included a few different activities for you to try. The goal for each day is for a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity. Remember that these minutes can be spread out throughout the day or done all at once.  Also feel free to change the order of any activity and if there is something you really like, do it as many times as you want and as always, we love it when you come up with your own activity.  

Tuesday – Indoor/outdoor Bowling 

Make your own bowling game using old plastic bottles (6 or 10 works well). If you play outside, add a little water to each bottle to help keep them standing. Make a starting line using sidewalk chalk or masking tape, grab a ball and have some fun. Challenge someone in your family and yourself by adding more bottles or moving the starting like back.  

Variation for outside:  try kicking a ball at the pins

Wednesday - Go for a walk or jog with your family and try to find all the following items in any order: 

1.       A bicycle  

2.       Someone walking 

3.       A birdfeeder 

4.       A house with Halloween decorations   

5.       A basketball or hockey net 

6.       An odd numbered house 

7.       A swing set  

8.       A dog or cat 

9.       A STOP sign 

10.   A piece of sports equipment (i.e. soccer ball, hockey stick, etc.)

Thursday – Make your own obstacle course.   

This can be done inside or outside (I made my children do this OUTSIDE). Use items that you can run around, go over/under. Time yourself and challenge someone in your family to beat your time.