Home Learning November 5, 2021

Posted: November 5, 2021

Home Learning November 5, 2021


I just want to say thank you so much for all you are doing at home! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns at natalie.corcoran@nbed.nb.ca.


Language Arts


Continue to practice reading the 2 books that were sent home.


Listen to a story on



Have an adult read a book to you.

Retell the story in your own words.


Do the calendar on Starfall.com



Learn about the Seasons



Try this game to learn more about Seasons



Learn the Months of the Year



Learn the Days of the Week



Review our Zoo-phonics letter/sounds 


*Continue to use the Zoo-phonics chart in your Home Links duo tang to practice the letter/sounds.


Review our first list of kindergarten sight words 


*Play the sight word games that were sent home in your Home Links duo tang.


Try these fun sight word games




Look through some of your favorite books from home to see if you can recognize and read some of your kindergarten sight words.


Learn about beginning sounds



Try this fun beginning sound game



Draw a picture of your favorite toy. Label your picture with the first sound of that toy. If you can, try to sound the word out slowly to record more of the sounds you hear in that word. 


Please continue to practice printing your name and saying the names of each letter in your name. Be sure to use a capital letter at the beginning of your name and the remaining letters should all be lowercase letters. Do your best! :)


*You can use your dry erase marker and the sheets in the plastic page protectors, in your Home Links duo tang, to practice printing letters, numbers, and your name.





Have your child sort items from around your home. They can sort forks, knives and spoons or fruits and vegetables or help you sort laundry or toys, etc.



Have your child create 2-part patterns from some of the items they sorted. They may also want to try make up their own 2-part sound or action patterns.


They could go outside and sort and create patterns with leaves, rocks, sticks etc.


Subitize (Instantly recognizing the number of objects in a small group, without counting.)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_QktFST7iA

Roll a dotted dice and have your child quickly say the amount without counting. 






Have your child roll a dice and make a group to represent the number rolled. They could use toys, treats, goldfish crackers, cereal etc.


Try this fun counting game



Comparing quantities:

Have your child roll two dotted dice. Have then say the amount on each dice and then get them to tell you which one has more dots, which one has fewer dots or if they have the same amount.


You can also have them compare quantities by holding up fingers on both of your hands and having them to tell you which one has more, which one has feweror if they have the same amount. 


Try these games online:




*Please continue to use the Squiggle Park website.


1. Visit Squiggle Park at https://www.squigglepark.com/  (Literacy Skills Practice)

2. In the upper right-hand corner click on Student Play

3. Click on the arrow in the center of the screen 

4. Enter the Group/Access code that was sent home with the Squiggle Park instructions.

5. Click NEXT in the bottom right-hand corner

6. Select your child’s name

7. Enter your child’s player code

8. Click NEXT in the bottom right-hand corner


*Please continue to use the Splash Math website.


1. Visit Splash Math at https://www.splashlearn.com/ or Download the SplashLearn iPad app and login as student (Math Skills Practice)

2. In the upper right-hand corner click on Log In 

3. Log in as Student 

4. Enter class code: LJVVVL

5. Select your child’s name

6. Click on the picture of the pylon/safety cone


*Please continue to use the Zorbit's Math website.


1. Visit Zorbit's Math at https://play.zorbitsmath.com/ to play on a computer, laptop or Chromebook.

   To play on an iPad, download the Zorbit’s Math Adventure app from the App Store. (If you don’t see the app, please update to the latest version of the iOS.)

2. Enter the username and password that was sent home with your child.


*Zorbit’s Math is not available on Android devices or iPhones.