Posted: January 17, 2022

Hello again!

I hope that you had a GREAT weekend!

Today, please try and do some writing. Focus on picking one or more of the blocks on the writing prompt sheets. You can write whichever you choose to try in your notebook from your previous home learning packet.Please watch the following video to remind you to use punctuation.


Today, pick a VERB sheet. This should be a review. Here is a video reminder of what verbs are:


Then try this game:

IXL | Identify action verbs | Grade 3 English language arts

Today, Complete one of your reading comprehension sheets.

For math, work on Splashlearn at any time. If you need any more sheets, don't hesitate to contact me for more assignments.

Try this game:


And here is a reminder for adding two digits. 

Double-Digit Addition for Kids - YouTube

Try these if you have finsihed all of the sheets regarding that in your packet. 

1. 26+78=

2. 17+46+

3. 49+67=

4. 57+78=

5. 55+37=

Don't forget to check out Epic books and challenge yourself to try and read a book yourself, rather than listen to one. 

Please let me know if you need anymore sheets in your packet and I will getthem ready for pick up.

Have a good day!

Email anytime.