Home Learning January 19

Posted: January 19, 2022

Happy Wednesday!

We are halfway through the week.Watch my pick for a read aloud today. "Wacky Wednesday" was one of own kids favorites when they were really young. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0EBpNm8Hls&t=69s

Can you figure out how many things were wacky altogether?

Next, continue to work on a VERB sheet if you have one. I am leaving some sentences here. See if you can figure out the verb in each. and after that, try this cool game. If you like gaming, you will love this one!

1. Ella read all of the books at the library!

2. Bentley jumped all of the hurdles in the gym.

3. Brayden roared at the wild lion that came into the school.

4. Chase scored 50 goals at hockey!

5. Sophie skipped 125 times without falling.


Please work on the reading comprehension sheets that are in your pack or try the website that has the online reading comprehension below. Remember that if you find your own grade level hard to read, try the level below. Challenge yourself to better each time. 


I would really like you to work on writing as much as you can. 

Hangman is also a nice break. Here is an online link if you want to try.

Hangman Game (thewordsearch.com)

In Math, continue to work away on your packs. I have added more assignments on Splashlearn as I know that some of you had finished. 

Please use your paper money and make the following amounts two different ways.

1. 45 cents

2. $ 2.34

3. $ 1.46

4. 99 cents

5. $2.28

Then,  try this fun game using money!


and some adding fun:


You should only have a few dasy work left in that packet. I will be sending home another packet on Friday. I am going to ask for this packet to be returned at the time you pick up your new one. Gather up all of your items and I can take a look.

I sure miss you guys!