Posted: January 20, 2022

Good morning!

Please continue to work through the packet, finishing up your unfinished work. Tomorrow there will be a learning packet to be picked up between 11-2:30 at door B (stained glass entrance). It will have your new learning pack for next week. Please brign all of your finsihed work back with you, including the reading books. 

Today, please read both of your books in your packet one more time before you return them to me. You can read your books over and over to practice your fluency. Your reading should flow as if you are talking. 

Also, please try and write more using your writing prompts or the opinion writing. Read it all over and see if you can add anything before you bring it back tomorrow. Remember details bring writing alive! 

Try this game if you can. It is a skill to know the main idea of writing. It will also help you to write better paragraphs yourself.


For math, finish up anything that you have not. Focus on the subtraction of double digits. Here is a video to help and then a few to practice.

Video Subtraction with Regrouping | Math Playground

1. 34-19=

2. 98-49=

3. 55-12=

4. 89-34=

5. 93-67=

6. 88-69=

7. 64-39=

8. 80-54=

9. 67-36=

10. 50-32=

Also remember to always practice skip counting! Skip count back by 25's from 500-200.

Skip count back from 400-200 by 10. 

Practice, practice, practice.

Check out the gym teachers pages and today is a little bit warmer, go get some fresh air and stay healthy.