Posted: January 21, 2022


Listen to this read aloud:


For writing today, write about a time that you were scared of something new. Something that you knew was coming and you were uncertain about. Was it actually scary or did it turn out to be ok? Was it ok after you had the experience or was it as bad as you thought? You should write at least 5 good sentences.  (remember to end your sentences)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdCOswMeXFQ

Have a game of HANGMAN if you like. It will keep your brain ready to roll!

Hangman Game (thewordsearch.com)

Try this game when you are finished.


Today you are going to bring your home packet back to me and get a new one for next week. I am excited to see all of the things that you are bringing back!

In Math today, please continue to work on adding and subtracting, but please use your pretend money to make the following amounts. Remember the reason we do skip counting before we do moneyis becasue to count money, we skip count.... If you don't have your paper money, you can draw your coins.

Try making 1. $1.23

               2. $3.76

               3. $4.21

               4. $6.03

               5. 54 cents

Next, tell me how much I would have if I had these coins in my pocket?

1. 3 quarters

2. 1 dime, 2 quarters, 3 pennies

3. 1 loonie, 1 quarter, 2 pennies

4. 2 toonies, 3 quarters

5. 10 dimes and 1 penny

6. 3 nickels, 3 pennies and 3 dimes

7. 4 nickels, 1 quarter, 2 toonies

8. 10 dimes

9. 20 nickels

10. 4 quarters

You can also try a round on Peter's pigs if you have time:


I hope that you have a GREAT weekend. I am proud of all that you are doing to keep yourself up to date on schoolwork. I sure hope to see you soon! 

Remember to email if you need anything at all. I am always right here!