Home Learning for November 2, 2021

Posted: November 2, 2021

Good morning,

Today, start your day with a read aloud from the Storyline Online link once again. 

Next, please take the words from your word wall scavenger hunt yesterday and write them in ABC order in your notebook provided. Don't forget to date your work, so that when you bring it back to me, I will know when you did it. 

Next, please draw a picture of you in your Halloween costume and then write me a story about your adventures on Halloween. Remember to use lots of description to your writing!

Please remember to read out of your levelled book each day. 

For Math today, please use the number that you counted for your treats yesterday and draw that number using Base Ten Model (Flats, rods and units), write the same number in written form (Exactly how you say it), and then in expanded form (100+20+1=121).

Practice your facts. 

Login to Splashlearn using the code from the letter that I sent in your packet. Don't forget to do the assignments from the teacher first.

Work on your sheets from your packet.

Go out and exercise. Enjoy a nature walk, collect leaves and look at all the types of leaves that there are around you!

Enjoy your day, and as always, if you need me, please email me at nancy.hambrook@nbed.nb.ca