Home Learning for November 3, 2021

Posted: November 3, 2021

Good day!

Today, please listen to a read aloud on Storyline Online while you enjoy your breakfast! Listen to how the book is read and how the readers voice sounds like talking. Listen to how they raise and lower their voice becasue of certain punctuation.

For word work today, write 8 names of friends or family and then rewrite those names in alphabetical order in your notebook.

Next, I have left 2 Reading Comprehension sheets to complete. If you cannot print them, just write the answers to the questions in your notebook.

Also, don't forget to be adding to the stories that I have asked you to write, both in your packet and on her in previous days. Make your stories come to life!

For Math today, I have left a sheet on here to print, or you can continue in your packet. ALso, don't forget to login to Splashlearn. I can see that you have visited! Complete the assigned items first and then continue on the site.

I am also leaving an outdoor Math Challenge for you to try.

Don't forget to try that STEM challenge from Monday.

I sure hope to see you soon!

Email anytime at nancy.hambrook@nbed.nb.ca      Enjoy your day and explore!!