Home Learning for November 5, 2021

Posted: November 5, 2021

Hello again,

It's Friday! What are all of your polans for the weekend?

Please listen to the book on the link below:

A Weekend With Wendell w Words, Music & EFX - YouTube

After listening, please take out your notebook and make a list of things that Sophie and Wendall did and then make a second list of things you enjoy doing when you have friends over.  How are they the same? How are they different? Do you like having friends over for the night? 

Next, copy the chart below and complete:

Sort these words into the appropriate category












Words: pack, sack, track, tack, bake, lock, dock, sock, clock


Challenge: Can you add more ack and ock words?


For Math today, please play this game:

Comparing Number Values | More Than, Less Than, Equal • ABCya!

After you are completed, please complete a practice facts quiz with the person that you do your homework with. It should be 10 questions of mixed adding and subtracting facts like we do in class!

After that, please login to Splashlearn.

Remember to go outside and explore. Look at all of the different leaves that have fallen to the ground. Check out their shapes and see if you can find which tree each ahs fallen off of.


I hope that you have a good day and a great weekend! I hope to see you all soon!