Mystery Word for the Week of May 25th to 29th

Posted: May 24, 2020

Clue 1

______   _______   ______  ______  _______  ______  _______  ______   ________

The Mystery Word is a nine letter noun that begins with "c." This word names a person who is with someone else.

Clue 2

The Mystery Word is similar to friend, mate, and match.

Clue 3

The Mystery Word is not similar to foe, enemy, or adversary.

Clue 4

The Mystery Word makes sense in this sentence: The boy spent the summer with his dog, a faithful _______________ who rarely left his side.

Clue 5

The Mystery word is companion.

Companion (noun) a person who is frequently in the company of someone else. Throughout summer, my daughter and her two companions spend Saturdays playing soccer.