Home Learning November 5

Posted: November 5, 2021

Good morning boys and girls, it’s Friday, November 5, 2021.  It’s day 5 of home learning, and I hope your week went well!

Language Arts:

Everyday read for 15-20 minutes.  Log your books and time spent reading.  Tell someone about your book.  Who is the main character, setting, what has happened, what are your predictions.

Practice Spelling List from last week.  If you have some sidewalk chalk, write them outside on pavement. 

Listen to reading on Tumble Books.  Login information: nblib   nbschools

You can also use the website Storyline Online to listen to books.

Storyline Online - Home


Log in to Splash Learn.  There is no new assignment for today, however log on and play games of your choice.  Login information:  CKGIYI  glue73

Play from any of the math websites we have used:  ABCya, multiplication.com, or mathplayground. 

Study x2 and x3. 

Play either of the Toothy games I posted this week.

Try the following problems.  Show your work (equation, draw a pic, etc.) and write a sentence to complete. 

1.  Mary baked a dozen cookies.  She and her sister will share the cookies equally.  How many cookies will each sister get?

2.  Janet has 9 dolls.  Each doll has 3 dresses.  How many doll dresses does Janet have altogether?


Cross Curricular:

Use the YouTube channel Art for Kids Hub and choose a drawing to follow.  Remember, you can always press pause through the video to stay caught up!

Art for Kids Hub - YouTube


Have a great weekend boys and girls!


**Remember to bring in any work that you have completed at home.