Nov 10th-Home Learning

Posted: November 10, 2021

Due Date: 

Wednesday, November 10, 2021


-Log into your Splash Learn account and work on the assignment Ms McGraw gave you. 

-Work on Math sheets that were uploaded to my teacher page yesterday and on Teams. 

-Try out the Math Rocks challenge

-Try out the Math Choice Board


-Try the French Learning games link posted yesterday

-Log into the FLORA modules I assigned yesterday, the link can be found on my teacher page. 

Language Arts: 

-Log into your Epic Books account and choose a book or do one Ms McGraw assigned to you. 

-Write a journal entry: Tell me about your day/ If you could have any super power, what would you choose and why?

-Try out the Reading and Writing Choice Boards on my teacher page. Choose one or two from each board!

-Choose one of the Reading Comprehension worksheets I uploaded to my teacher page. 


-Check out the Natioal Geographic Kids website I posted yesterday. You can play games, watch educational videos about animals and even watch videos to make cool crafts!

-Try a STEAM challenge from my teacher page. 

Phys Ed:

-Check out the Active choice board and move your body!

-Check Ms. MacFarlane's Teacher page for Phys Ed activities. 


-Watch this video and make some poppies for Remembrance Day

-Try out one of the art video from this website: 


Check out Mrs. Comeau's page for some music fun