ASD-N Elementary Soccer Schedule 2020

Posted: September 29, 2020




NSEE, Gretna Green 1, Gretna Green 2, Max Aitken 1, Max Aitken 2, Max Aitken 3, Nelson 1, Nelson 2, Nelson 3, King Street Purple, King Street Gold, Blackville1, Blackville 2, Millerton


All games start at 4 PM unless otherwise arranged by the teams playing.


Home teams are responsible to make sure that the referee is aware of the COVID rules for soccer and that all COVID protocols are being followed. A referee for an elementary game should be paid $25.


Thursday October 1st


NSEE@Blackville1                                             Nelson 1@KSP


Millerton@Nelson3                                        MAA 2@GG 2


GG 1@MAA 1                                                     KSG@Nelson 2






Thursday October 8th


MAA 3@NSEE                                                    Blackville1@Millerton


MAA 1@Nelson 1                                             KSP@GG 1


GG 2@KSG                                                          Nelson 2@MAA 2








Thursday October 15th


Nelson 3@NSEE                                                Blackville1@MAA 3


GG 1@Nelson 1                                                 Nelson 2@GG 2


MAA 1@KSP                                                       MAA 2@KSG






Thursday October 22


NSEE@Millerton                                               MAA 3@Nelson 3


GG 1@MAA 2                                                     MAA 1@GG 2


Nelson 1@KSG                                                  Nelson 2@KSP