Home learning April 20th-24th STEAM Challenge

Posted: April 20, 2020

Gravity Glue rock sculpture


Challenge:  How many rocks can you balance, using only Gravity?

Step 1: Collect a variety of rocks, different sizes and shapes.

Step 2:  Stack the rocks on top of each other so that they create a sculpture and are balancing using only gravity glue.  This is easier than it sounds.


 Technology extension- Take a picture of each time you successfully add a rock to your sculpture. Once complete, you can make a photo collage and send it to our KSE Facebook page. We’d love to see them!!

Math extension-  Measure the dimensions (HxW) of your sculpture using a measuring tape.  You can also estimate how many rocks you think you can balance.

Literacy extension-  Describe an area (fictional or non-fictional) where you would see your rock sculpture and what would it be used for.  Ex, a house, a table, an amusement park ride or could it be a town on planet Mars.


You can get some really good ideas on how to do this by watching the artist, Michael Grab’s video on You Tube. 



Enjoy, be safe and explore!