STEAM bird nest

Posted: April 14, 2020

Now that Spring has sprung, I bet you’ve noticed a lot of birds that are visiting your backyard.  Birds like the Black-Capped Chickadee, Magpie or a Robin.  You may have even heard a flock of geese flying overhead.

So, KSE students….our next STEAM project will develop your creative and investigative thinking.  Mother Nature will give you most of the material that you will need. 

You will build a birds nest using all natural materials, just like birds do….NO TAPE OR GLUE.                                                                                     

To begin, you will want to collect a variety of material in your backyard, such as twigs, moss, feathers, even string, yarn or dog hair.  Once you have your materials, you have to make a strong nest that can withstand rain, wind and maybe even hail.  There is no right or wrong way to do this and this is where your creativity will come in handy. Good luck Spring Peepers!!

Keep these questions in mind when you are making your nest.

1.              Is my nest strong enough for a mother and/or baby birds?

2.              Will my birds nest stay together in a wind? (You can test it with a hairdryer.)

3.              How deep does your nest need to be to keep the eggs safe?

4.              Will it be comfortable for birds?

5.              Will it fall apart in rain (test it)?

6.              Will water collect inside or drain away? (You can test it with a glass of water outside).


Math Extension: How many eggs (marbles or cotton balls) can your nest hold? Estimate first J What is the perimeter of your nest.?

Language Arts Extension:  Write (or draw) the steps needed to make your nest. Don’t forget to use lot of adjectives and transition words such as First, Next, Then, After that, Finally.

Art Extension:  How to draw a bird.


We would love to see your bird’s nest!  Message them to our King Street face Book page and we will post them.  Happy building!