Email April 2 2024

Posted: April 2, 2024

Hi folks!

It's Science Week! Each day students will be part of a presentation for Science Week! Today's was about Critter Dipping and vertebrae/invertebraes in ponds. We will also be learning about structures, the eclipse and the eclipse through the Mi'kmaw perspective.

Grade 4: continent and ocean test coming up on Wednesday. Test on division with remainders also on Wednesday. Keep an eye for a review pack heading home at the end of week for a unit test on multiplication and division next week.

Grade 3: review test on addition and subtraction Wednesday. Unit test on multiplication and division on Thursday. Packs heading home today!

Here are our reminders for the week:

WED: Public library card, KSE Library

THURS: gym clothes needed

FRI: gym clothes needed, Eclipse glasses going home

MON: 1/2 day for students (on count of Eclipse)