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Thankful for my class!

Posted: November 24, 2022

Hi folks!

Just a super quick reminder that we go to the airport tomorrow. Like any day, please have your child ready with winter gear (coat, hat, mitts, boots especially) as we will be outside all morning. Also, to better encourage kids to dress warmly and appropriately for the weather, we have a class reward system going on.

Please check out our class website with some new pictures. Mme. Robichaud | King Street Elementary (

Posted: November 23, 2022

Learning is way too much fun! Thank you to ICE Center, Jody Coakley and Rob Lehnert for this opportunity. Thank you too to Mme Glazier for the idea and letting us be her "plus one".

Posted: November 22, 2022

Pilot Jody Coakley was in our class teaching us about flight. Most importantly, he taught us to keep trying and adjust our plan. Super fun, super educational and a great message! Congrats to Marty and his "Thomas the balloon engine" design!

Posted: November 22, 2022

Posted: November 21, 2022

Hi folks!

Have you heard about my fabulous hardworking class? They are pretty great! So great that we will be having a guest speaker in our class tomorrow - a pilot! And, because they are such hardworkers, we will be going for a field trip to the airport this Friday (10-12)! We will be learning about Science concepts such as flight and get to try out a flight simulator while at the airport!

Thank you to everyone who has brought back all the items that have been signed - math and french writing (and soon English writing too). We will be moving on to our next units in the upcoming days. Here's what to expect:

  • MATH
    • Grade 3: Addition and subtraction, including regrouping.
    • Grade 4: Multiplication and division, mainly facts for now.
    • Grade 3: We will be learning about the Government! Their end of unit writing will be an opinion piece.
    • Grade 4: We will be learning about Canada! Their end of unit writing will be an information piece of a province.
  • ENGLISH - everyone will be writing a fictional story (possibly a Christmas story or they may have opted for another theme).

A few items: last chance for book orders! Also, the school ticket fundraiser is getting close to being maxed. If you have any purchases at home, get them in fast!

Good luck to any Grade 4 students interested in drama. Auditions start tomorrow! And to grade 4 basketball players - schedules have been sent home. If you have any questions, shout out!

All for now.

Posted: November 16, 2022

Hi folks!

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is JERSEY day! And, there is no school for students on Friday.

Also, students were excited to bring home their first BIG piece of writing of the year. About half the class was finished so I sent those home today. Please sign and return. If you didn't receive one today, you will in the next few days. Math tests will head home tomorrow to be signed and returned too.

All for now!

-Mme R :)

Posted: November 14, 2022

Hi folks!

It's a point form week:

  • November's challenge was sent home on Friday. The last day to return those Math sheets is November 30th for the prize draw. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
  • No school for students on Friday.
  • Don't forget to return any public library books. If it's easier, feel free to pass them off to me to return. I go there many times a week!
  • We have a new website: je lis, je lis. Passwords are in their agenda and specific levels have been assigned to each student. Feel free to use at home, especially if they forget their French reading book at school.

Our class did AMAZING in the Remembrance day concert. Please check out website for a couple of pictures. Mme. Robichaud | King Street Elementary (

All for now!

-Mme Robichaud

Posted: November 11, 2022

A few pictures from our school's Remembrance day concert. The students were very respectful, took their jobs seriously and represented our school well.

Posted: November 8, 2022

Je lis, je lis link

Forget your book? No problem! Listen, read and record the books at your level.

Posted: November 7, 2022

Hi folks!

Please continue having your student read their guided reading book at home. Students are starting to move levels and it's great to see their hard work paying off.

Thursday, November 10th @9:30am will be our school's Remembrance Day concert. We have many members of our class involved through choir, laying/accepting wreaths, flag bearers, greeters and even the emcee! "Fancy" dress is encouraged for Thursday to show the seriousness of this assembly. A change of clothes is encouraged for the remainder of the day.

Housekeeping items:

- If any girl has happened to have come home with a few extra pairs of black leggings, please return them to the school.

- Grade 4 boys that signed up for Basketball and have returned their permission slip will have practice tomorrow (Tuesday) after school.


All for now! Never hesitate to reach out through email or your child's agenda if you have any questions!


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