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Posted: January 29, 2024

Horizon Health's Mango Challenge is centered around 5210 (Each day: 5 fruits/veggies, 2 hours or less screen time, 1 hour physical activity and 0 sugary drinks). We've been completing challenges. Here is one challenge - the 5210 Rock.

Posted: January 25, 2024

Hi folks!
Quite late in my weekly email today so I'm going to attempt to cover this week and next in one email. Wish me luck!
Items: Please ask your child if any replacement items are needed for them to do their work. Around this time it seems a number of pairs of scissors, headphones and colouring utensils start to disappear, break or run-out. Thank you!
Celebrations: I will be sending out a Valentine list for our class celebration in a few weeks. Valentine's day is on a Wednesday this year so we should be good to celebrate then in our class. We will also be celebrating Chinese New Year around February 10th.
Skating: Our class is heading skating on Wednesday, January 31st. Parents/adults are welcome to come skate and/or tie skates. We skate from 10-10:30am @LBA. Please let me know if you are planning to bring their skates & helmet to the rink. Those students without skates or helmets will stay at the school.
Science: Each week we will continue to complete a Science Experiment. When possible, I do let students bring parts of our experiments home. Safety measured are covered in class, but if you have any questions feel free to reach out!
Math: Grade 3 students are working on adding with regrouping and soon to be subtracting with regrouping. "Reciprocal" expressions are encouraged to be reviewed (ex. 8+7=15, 7+8=15, 15-8=7 and 15-7=8 are all connected! Below are a few links to help out, as well as on SplashLearn. Grade 4 students are working on multiplication and division. Again, reciprocal expressions are encouraged to be reviewed (ex 5x6=30, 6x5=30, 30÷6=5 and 30÷5=6 are all connected! Below are a few links to help out, as well as on SplashLearn.
GRADE 4: (Grade 3 multiplication & division sections are awesome to review! IXL | Learn grade 3 math
All for now!
FRI: Gym clothes needed
MON: Gym clothes needed
WED: KSE Library Day, Skating day!
THURS: Gym clothes needed
FRI: Gym clothes needed

Posted: January 24, 2024

My picture game hasn't been the best so far in 2024! I'm lagging behind! Here are a few pictures of the beginning of our Science unit and some activities we've been doing in class.

Posted: January 15, 2024

Hi folks!

Math Test: Math tests will be heading home tomorrow (Tuesday) to be signed and returned. We are now moving on from bar graphs to multiplication for grade 4 and addition/subtraction strategies for grade 3.

Book Order: A book order went home today with a list of your child's favourite picks. Online or in person orders are due on or before this Friday.

Cafe Franco: Those students interested in participating in Cafe Franco are asked to bring a bagged lunch on Tuesday. Cafe Franco is a time when they eat in a French immersive environment. Grade 1&2 students participate as well during their cafeteria times. This is every Tuesday.

Winter gear & Lost items: The majority of students are heading outside, especially in the morning, without snow pants, mitts and hats. It's chilly out there and please dress properly! At lunch when they head out, I monitor it as best I can. We have a few items in the class in class anyone forgot something. Please look on our website for some "lost and found" items specific to our class. So far, everyone has claimed it's not theirs. Class lost and found | King Street Elementary (


Reminders this week:


WED: KSE library day

THURS: gym clothes needed

FRI: gym clothes needed

MON: gym clothes needed

Posted: January 11, 2024

here's a picture gallery of items from our classroom. Somehow, no student is claiming them as their own.

Posted: January 8, 2024

Hi Folks!

Welcome to 2024 and back to the grind. For tonight, we kept it light to help students (and their adults) get back into the swing of things. Guided reading books and Math facts will be homework moving forward. Here are some items of importance.

Agenda: Please dig out your child's agenda to help stay organized and back in routine. Many students forgot them at home today.

Skating: We have two upcoming skating dates on the calendar. January 31st and March 13th. I'll remind you in advance.

Math: Tomorrow students will have a unit Math pack in their homework folder. Their upcoming test will be on graphing. These packages do not need to be sent back but instead are for your reference.

Outdoor gear: Please take a peek for snowpants, mitts, hat, boots and coat in the morning. We go outside and it's much more enjoyable when we are dressed properly. I do have a few items in the class to borrow if forgotten.

Student teacher: Mme Young has returned to her studies at UNB. She will be back in our class in the Spring. We were very lucky to have her in our class -especially during my absence when my father passed away. Thank you Mme Young and we can't wait for your return to KSE!




WED: school library books

THURS: gym clothes needed

FRI: gym clothes needed

Posted: December 21, 2023

Gingerbread making, assemblies, gift exchange and more. Mrs Young Is rocking into the break. We are so thankful for Mme Young's time with us and can't wait to have her back in the Spring!

Posted: December 18, 2023

Posted: December 18, 2023

Posted: December 18, 2023


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