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Posted: April 16, 2024

Hi folks!

Another week already!

Math: Students are asked to practice their Math facts for 5 minutes each night. This can include but not be limited to - flash cards, Splash Learn, roll dice/deck of cards (addition or multiplication), worksheets, practice questions etc.


Grade 4 families: check out our class website with a "new" way to divide that students have started practicing in class. Some students will be bringing a practice page home tomorrow and teaching YOU how to do a question on your own! Mme. Robichaud | King Street Elementary (


Summer French Programs: Many parents were asking about summer French programs on the Miramichi. Carrefour Beausoleil's library does have a GREAT selection of activities for free that you can attend. They also have a small tutoring program that's available too. From time to time I receive information of other tutors in the area and have attached one to this message. thumbnail_IMG_1116.jpg 


Gum: A couple students need to have gum as a strategy to help them concentrate in the classroom. It's been decided from a school and in conjunction with their parents. If any other parent feels like it may help their child, just send in a note. If it ever begins to become a problem, then the privilege/strategy is removed as it is no longer effective.


*Website pictures have been updated (sorry for the delay and lack of pictures)*


Weekly reminders

WED: KSE library day, recorder needed

THURS: gym clothes needed

FRI: gym clothes needed, David Myles virtual concert

MON: gym clothes needed

Posted: April 8, 2024

Happy Solar Eclipse day!

Grade 3's are officially done their Multiplication and Division Unit test. It will go home in the next few days. Next up, geometry. They are wrapping up good copies of their Animals projects and are beginning to learn about NB.

Grade 4's are wrapping up their multiplication and division unit now. 2 digit by 1 digit division is the last new thing (3 strategies) before their review and test. They are finishing up their good copies for their country projects and beginning to learn about NB.

With last week's unexpected storm and stopping to learn a bit about the eclipse, we are little delayed in timeline. All good!

Tomorrow is SOLO speech. Good luck to all those involved! Our class performs Thursday. Dress nicely please! Choir members will also be performing.


Here are your reminders:

TUES - café franco, solo speech, recorders needed

WED - recorders needed

THURS - Report cards go home (Monday's parent-teacher interview times will be included), Our class's music festival performance @11:10 @JMH & choir @JMH @10:20, gym clothes needed

FRI - gym clothes needed

MON - No school for students. Parent-Teacher in the afternoon and evening for those who requested an interview.


Here are some new pictures! King Street Elementary | 101 King St, Miramichi, NB E1N 2N1 <br>Tel: 506 778 6076 Fax: 506 778-6533 (

Posted: April 2, 2024

Hi folks!

It's Science Week! Each day students will be part of a presentation for Science Week! Today's was about Critter Dipping and vertebrae/invertebraes in ponds. We will also be learning about structures, the eclipse and the eclipse through the Mi'kmaw perspective.

Grade 4: continent and ocean test coming up on Wednesday. Test on division with remainders also on Wednesday. Keep an eye for a review pack heading home at the end of week for a unit test on multiplication and division next week.

Grade 3: review test on addition and subtraction Wednesday. Unit test on multiplication and division on Thursday. Packs heading home today!

Here are our reminders for the week:

WED: Public library card, KSE Library

THURS: gym clothes needed

FRI: gym clothes needed, Eclipse glasses going home

MON: 1/2 day for students (on count of Eclipse)

Posted: March 26, 2024

Hi folks!

A very, very short week but a busy one all the same. Is there ever a week that's not busy?!

Speaking English: Students continue to have "batons" (popsicle sticks). So you are better involved in their performance of speaking French in class, you will find a mark in their agenda at the end of the day. Grade 3 students have 5 batons while grade 4 students have 3 batons. So if you're grade 3 child has 3/5 at the end of the day, that means they were caught speaking English twice. It's okay to slip up from time to time but consistently isn't a good thing. We don't want their brains to reset into English when we are working in the French classroom. We will try to keep this going for a few weeks to help monitor the situation.

Grade 3: We are finishing up our animal research reports in both English and French (some have already completed their good copies while some have yet to complete the drafts). We will soon be starting a new unit on New Brunswick! In Math, students are wrapping up their unit on multiplication and division facts. A test will be held next week, followed by a quick revisit of addition and subtraction with regrouping. The review package will go home once the unit is mostly complete.

IXL | Division facts up to 10 | Grade 3 math

IXL | Multiplication facts up to 10 | Grade 3 math

Grade 4: We are finishing up our country research reports in both English and French (some have already completed their good copies while some have yet to complete the drafts). We will soon be starting a new unit on Canada! Next week students will be tested on the provinces, territories and capitals of Canada. In Math, students are wrapping up their unit on 2/3 digit by 1 digit multiplication and division, including division with remainders. Please help your child by reviewing the following questions and providing extra help if necessary. 62x8, 325x7, 18÷3, 45÷6, 65÷9. Answers are: 496, 2275, 6 and 7r2. A review package will go home once the unit is mostly complete. Don't mind the "grade 3 math" part. It's really grade 4 in NB!

IXL | Divide two-digit numbers with remainders using arrays | Grade 3 math

IXL | Divide two-digit numbers with remainders | Grade 3 math

Science Week: Next week is SCIENCE WEEK! Students will be participating in province-wide Science experiments, meetings etc. I'm sure they'll have lots to share!


Reminders for the week:

WED: Public library card (hoping to go if weather cooperates), KSE library books, recorder needed, Mango visit!

THURS: gym clothes needed

FRI: No school!

MON: No school!

TUES: Café Franco, recorder needed

WED: Grade 4 Canada province/territory/capitals test

Posted: March 18, 2024

Hi folks!

Apologies for the lack of pictures. We were having to much having Mme Young back, skating and dancing/drumming.

School work update: Grade 3 students are finishing up their animal writing pieces in both French and English. Grade 4 students are finishing up their country writing pieces in both French and English. Next week, Grade 4 students will be tested on knowing the 7 continents and 5 oceans. Practice sheet to go home tomorrow (Tuesday). Both grades are now working on division in Math.

Here are your reminders for this week:

TUES: Cafe Franco, need recorder

WED: need recorder

THURS: Wear blue/red/white/gold star, gym clothes needed

FRI: Gym clothes needed

MON (25th): No school for students

TUES: Cafe Franco, need recorder

All for now!

Posted: March 15, 2024

Hi folks!

Please check your child's bookbag this weekend. I've given them a "Mid-Term" report so you can see how they are doing in class. It is NOT a Report Card. Just a little snapshot/glimpse. All for now! Enjoy the weekend.

Posted: March 11, 2024

Hi folks!

And we are off to another busy week. I hope the time change and break served everyone well. We will keep it short and sweet.

Mme Young is back with us until mid-May! We are happy to have her back.


Here are your reminders!

TUES- need recorder, $1/$2 for dip (optional), Café Franco (no ordering from cafeteria)

WED- KSE library day, SKATING @LBA@10-10:30 (students needs their own helmet and skates)

THURS- Gym clothes needed

FRI- Gym clothes needed, Book Order due (optional)

MON- Gym clothes needed

Posted: March 1, 2024

Hi folks!

It was a busy, fun-filled week! I've updated some pictures on our site. This will be perfect for the students to look at when they're missing school over the break! Special thank you to everyone for being so great at sending in necessary items and to our volunteers!!

Students will head back to KSE on Monday, March 11th. Mme Young will be back with us then too!! Like every Monday, gym clothes will be needed.

All for now! Mme. Robichaud | King Street Elementary (

Posted: February 28, 2024

Hi folks!

A little update on our plans since the rain is trying to ruin them!

WED am - leaving for the library and crossing our fingers that the rain will hold off.

THURS pm - Cancelling snowshoeing and replacing with a movie, snacks and hot chocolate. Feel free to send in extra snacks (no pressure!). It's also PJ day. Feel free to send in a blanket and/or stuffy.

FRI pm - Swimming is still green light go!

Thank you!

Posted: February 26, 2024

Hi folks!

Busy week so I'll keep it brief! If any student has a fancy doll, there will be a doll club at noon hour on TUESDAY. We will be keeping an eye to the weather and stick to the plan as best we can.


TUESDAY: Cafe Franco, Crazy Hat Day, Skates & Helmet (PM @Howard St ODR), 

WEDNESDAY: Public Library card, Pink Shirt day, KSE library books

THURSDAY: PJ day, Snowshoes (PM)

FRIDAY: crazy socks, swimming gear (PM)

Posted: February 22, 2024

Hi folks!

Just wanted to share a few things for the end/beginning of the week.

All for now!


FRI - gym clothes needed, Hat Day $1 (pay a dollar to wear their hat all day)

MON - gym clothes needed, inside out/backwards day!


Posted: February 20, 2024

TUESDAY, February 27th: Skating @ Howard Street outdoor rink.

We will be walking to the outdoor rink on Howard Street. We will leave the school shortly after lunch and be returning before 2:30. Students must bring their skates and helmet in a bag so they can carry them comfortably to the rink and back. This activity will be dependent on the weather.

Students will need: skates & helmet in a bag



WEDNESDAY, February 28th: Library & Napan Baykery (9am-12pm)

We will be walking downtown and using the Chatham Public Library as our home-base for the morning. Students will be visiting the library, completing an activity outside and a craft inside. Snack provided by Napan Baykery.

Students will need: their library card and outside gear.



THURSDAY, February 29th: Outside Snowshoe & Hot Chocolate (1pm-3pm)

We will be going for a snowshoe around the school and in the woods. We will be having a hot chocolate to end the day.

Students will need: outside gear.



FRIDAY, March 1st: Swimming @Golden Hawk (1pm-3pm)

Students will be heading to the Golden Hawk for a swim! They are requesting all children to complete the lap test to swim in the deep end. Lifejackets remain in shallow end.

Students will need: bathing suit (no string bikinis – no wardrobe malfunctions please), towel.

Posted: February 20, 2024

Hi folks!

Happy fake Monday. A few updates for the week. Please note, a memo is going home today about lots of activities for next week. We are looking for a few volunteers that have their Policy 701. If you're able to join the fun, please let us know. First come, first serve. I've also posted some of the letter on our website. Mme. Robichaud | King Street Elementary (

Grade 3 students have a subtraction test tomorrow (Wednesday). We've been practicing, but a little extra practice at home will never hurt. Next up, we will begin multiplication and continue next week. After the break will be division. In French writing we are wrapping up our magic potions and will begin our writing on a NB animal. In English we are wrapping up our animal research report.

Grade 4 students are exploring different strategies to multiply 2 or 3 digit numbers by one digit. After the break we will explore estimating with division, long multiplication and long division (buckle up!). In French writing we are wrapping up our country research project and in English too! Next up will be a research report on a country.

Both grade 3&4 have been continuing to discuss and learn about Black history month. We will finish with an English report as well as a few writing activities in French. Despite wrapping up our Black history month, we will continue to review and discuss its importance.



WED: recorder needed, KSE Library book

THURS: gym clothes needed

FRI: gym clothes needed

Posted: February 5, 2024

Hi folks!

Monday again! Grade 3's will be having a Math test on addition with regrouping this week. Grade 4's Math test will be on multiplication and division. Grade 4's Math pack will go home today (Monday). Please continue reading their guided reading book each night. It really helps and goes a long way!


TUES: cafe Franco (no cafeteria for those attending), recorder needed

WED: KSE library book, recorder needed

THURS:gym clothes needed

FRI: gym clothes needed

Check out some new pictures atMme. Robichaud | King Street Elementary (

To note: the email system changed a bit and I'm not sure if you can simply hit reply back to the message. My email is should you need anything. Thanks!

Posted: January 29, 2024

Hi folks!

I tried, I really tried! Here are a few more things that have popped up to go with last week's email.

Reading/words: Students still should be reading their levelled French books and English books (some have levelled, some are beyond levelled books) each night. Students also have a personalized pack of French words on a key ring to read too. Each week we will be adding new words. Please bring back to school each and every day.

Math: We will have a test early next week. "Packages" will be sent home later this week or Monday.

Lunches: Every Tuesday is Cafe Franco. Any student is welcome to attend during their regular meal time. But, meals cannot be purchased from the cafeteria if attending Cafe Franco (two locations VERY far apart).

Also, THURSDAY we will be having a pizza party. Congrats to Sandra who WON the NB Fire Chief for a Day contest! Miramichi Firefighters will be visiting us on Thursday, showing us their truck and feeding the students pizza! Thanks Sandra!

Snacks: Not sure if winter wheather makes kids hungrier or not, but many are hungry these days. An extra snack may be a good idea since my class stash is quickly being eaten.

Pictures/videos: Some pictures and videos have been uploaded to our site. Mme. Robichaud | King Street Elementary (

All for now!