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Posted: November 30, 2023

PJ DAY FRIDAY (tomorrow)!!!

Students earned 100 points and are using it tomorrow for a PJ/movie afternoon. They can opt to wear PJs, bring a blanket, bring a stuffy and some extra snacks. Way to go class!

Their next goal is to earn 60 points by Wednesday for a visit to the public library.

Posted: November 28, 2023

Hi folks!
The students and I are well aware of a second teacher in our class, but I'm pretty sure I forgot to tell you folks about it! This year, we have Amilya Young with us. She is a student-teacher from UNB. So, if you ever hear one of the students talking about Mme Young, they are referring to her! A page will go home this week about Parent-Teacher Interviews etc.
We also have Mme Andrée-Anne. She is a French Language Mentor that is assigned to our school. She rotates between French Immersion classes to provide classroom support. In our class, Mme Andrée-Anne provides extra support for reading interventions and to promote French language acquisition.
We've been fortunate to have lots of teachers for the students. Last week we had a great presentation by Peter and Deanna Gadd who have helped us learn about Tree Swallows. We even chose locations to install nest boxes for the spring. Make sure to check our class website for pictures of our adventures. Link: Mme. Robichaud | King Street Elementary (
Writing examples in both French and English have been sent home. Please sign and return if you haven't already. Thanks!
Cash draw tickets - Fill out form and send in money once you are ready. Tickets will be given to you in the weeks to come. Thank you in advance for supporting the school and hopefully winning some money!
Phew! That was a LONG one! As always, reach out should you need anything.
Wear appropriate outdoor clothing - it's chilly and often wet out there!

WED- KSE library books

THURS- gym clothes needed

FRI- Ugh, December 1st! Need gym clothes

Posted: November 22, 2023

Congrats to our Timberwolves ticket winners! They won because their parent replied to our class email first. Have fun Saturday night!
Winners were: Grace, Meadow, Ella, Charlee, Isabella and Archer!

Posted: November 21, 2023

Hi folks!

A little late, but here are some reminders/information for the upcoming days.

Skating is tomorrow. Students need to have their own skates and helmet. The school had offered days/times for you to borrow for the year. This is still available for future dates if you call the office. Our skating time is from approximately 9:45-10:30 @LBA. Students without skates stay at the school. If you are meeting your child at the LBA with their skates, please let me know in their agenda or via email/text.

Writing examples will be sent home tomorrow. Please sign and return. This shows where your child is at in their English and French writing.

Bird Presentation will be held for our class on Thursday by Peter & Deanna Gladd. They helped install our nest boxes and we have more to learn about.

Timberwolves tickets to give away! I have 10 student tickets to give away. If you would like one for your child(ren), email me back! This is a reward for reading this far! YAY! First come, first served.

All for now!

WED- skates & helmet, KSE library books

THURS- gym clothes needed

FRI- No School for students



WED- KSE library books

THURS- gym clothes needed

FRI- Ugh, December 1st! Need gym clothes

Posted: November 7, 2023

Hi folks!

Heads up - we will be going skating near the end of the month. Please start digging out your skates and helmet if necessary. If you'd like to borrow skates and helmets from the school for the year, today is the last day to do so until 5:30 pm. If they do not have skates on the day we go skating, they will not be able to attend.

Also, Grade 3 students have begun participating in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters sponsored program called SNAP. It stands for Stop Now and Plan and is a 12 lesson program that helps students stop and think before acting.

Our first Math unit is coming to a close and tests will be heading home tomorrow. Grade 3 please continue to review mixed money. Grade 4 please continue to review subtraction with regrouping.

*Our class website has some nice pictures up for your viewing pleasure! Mme. Robichaud | King Street Elementary ( *


WED: library, SNAP for grade 3, grade 4 to have a special presentation by Mr. Bosma

THURS: gym clothes, Remembrance Ceremony @9am (please dress pretty if you are involved)

FRI: gym clothes

MON - No school.

Posted: October 30, 2023

Happy Halloween & First snow fall week!

Grade 4 students will have a Math sheet to sign today. This is adding and subtracting with regrouping. It is simply to show you where they are with this skill that was taught in grade 2 & 3. Feel free to review at home and we become experts in class. Grade 3 students are currently reviewing and preparing for their first Math test. If you're looking to help practice at home, adding change together and skip counting by 2, 3, 4, and 5 can help.

Our reminders:

Tuesday - Actually Halloween but secretly not Halloween at school.

Wednesday - Library Day

Thursday - Gym clothes needed & Picture Retake day (please write a note in the agenda to have their picture taken)

Friday - NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS. This is a District Based Professional Learning Day for teachers.


All for now!

Posted: October 23, 2023

Hi folks!

Another busy week ahead - is there ever a week that isn't?!

  • Gardening gloves: I'm asking for students to bring in a pair of gardening gloves or gloves that can be dirty. We will be harvesting the last bit of the garden and planting garlic this week and next. Please keep them in their bookbag if possible.
  • Jerseys: Cross-country members and school soccer players are asked to return their jerseys by tomorrow. There will also be a team picture tomorrow.
  • Black Light / Choir: Black Light performance will be watched by our whole school on Thursday morning. Open to the public on Thursday night @6:30pm. Choir members are asked to be at JMH for 5:45.
  • Library: Our class will be visiting both the school library and Chatham public library on Wednesday morning. Please dress according to the weather. Don't forget your library card!
  • Halloween: celebrations at KSE will be held on Monday, October 30th. Stay tuned for more information from the office. We have 23 students in the class. No peanuts please!


*ALL WEEK* = gardening gloves

TUES: First Nations Drumming assembly

WED: School library books needed, Public Library Card & Field Trip

THURS: Black light performance in AM, need gym clothes

FRI: need gym clothes

Posted: October 16, 2023

Hi folks!
Just wanted to send along a few links for those interested. They're great if children are sick, if they forget their book at school or if you'd like to give a little boost to them.
  1. Our class website: always being updated with pictures and a copy of emails sent. Mme. Robichaud | King Street Elementary (
  2. French Literacy website: specific to each child, we review sounds in small groups etc. Lalilo | Teacher dashboard
  3. Splash Learn: math website specific to each child, review concepts that mirror what is being taught in class. SplashLearn Sign In
Another great site for Math is IXL | Math and English Language Arts Practice. Here are some specific links that we are currently covering in class. Please keep in mind that this site is not specific to NB so grade level content may be off a bit and does not reflect that your child is behind or ahead etc.
Grade 3: IXL | Learn grade 3 math : Place Value #1, 3, 5, 11 and Addition #1
Grade 4: IXL | Learn grade 4 math: Number Sense #1-3, 6 and Addition #4, 7, 10, 18
In both French and English we are beginning our unit writing on a description. Grade 3 they describe themselves. Grade 4 describe someone they admire. We have also continued word work in both languages. Guided reading books continue to be sent home. Grade 3 students also received sight words for each reading level in French from A-I and a board game to go along with them. Feel free to practice as you wish.
Re: Library. We have a tentative plan to visit the Public Library on Wednesday, October 25th. Public library cards will be needed that day. For those that applied a card, the library will have them on hand that day.
If ever you have any questions about your child's progress, never hesitate to reach out.
Tuesday, Oct 24th:
Wednesday, Oct 25th: school library books
Thursday, Oct 26th: gym clothes needed
Friday, Oct 27th: gym clothes needed, soccer jamboree for those Grade 4 student involved (memo went home today)
All for now!

Posted: October 6, 2023

Hi folks!

A quick reminder that there is no school on Monday, October 9th or Friday, October 13th.

Students in our class that have opted to sing with the Kindergarten students in the Grandparents Day Concert on Tuesday (@9am) are asked to dress nicely. They're welcome to bring a change of clothes.


A few reminders for next week:

MONDAY: No school


WEDNESDAY: library day!

THURSDAY: gym clothes needed, book orders due on or before this date

FRIDAY: No school for students


All for now! I hope you're able to enjoy the beautiful weather and have a few hearty meals and laughs with your loved ones.

-Mme R

Posted: October 3, 2023

Hi Folks!

Our week is off to a fast start as it's already Tuesday. Each night students should be reading their levelled English and French books. School pictures are going home today. The retake date has not been given as of yet. It looks like orders will done online this year.

The Chatham Public Library is slated to reopen next week. Once I have a date set for a visit, I will let you know. In the meantime, if any child does not have a NB public library card and would like one, please let know and I'll send the form home with them.

Students have been working hard in our garden. Check out some photos on our class website: Mme. Robichaud | King Street Elementary ( They are uploading now.

All for now!

-Mme R



Wednesday: library day

Thursday: gym clothes needed

Friday: gym clothes needed

Next Week: NO SCHOOL on Monday (for all) and NO SCHOOL on Friday (for students).

Posted: September 27, 2023

Hi folks!

Just a few more things for you to be aware of.....

Tomorrow (Thursday): hat day for all students (no money necessary) and they also receive extra recess time for having raised $2000+ for Terry Fox Foundation. Gym clothes still needed.

Friday: special meal money and order form are due AND it's Orange Shirt Day. Gym clothes still needed.

*No school on Monday*


Also, students are expected to read in English and French each night. We will be switching the English books tomorrow. Our class is hoping to head to the Chatham Public Library in mid-October. Please let me know if you do not have a library card and would like one.

Some sweet pictures are on our class website.

All for now!


Posted: September 25, 2023

Hi folks!

Homework is pretty straight forward: read in English and read in French. Levelled books are exchanged each week (Mondays in French and Tuesdays in English). Here are our reminders for the week.

Mon - Terry Fox walk, gym clothes

Tues - 

Wed - Picture day

Thurs - gym clothes

Friday - gym clothes, orange shirt day

Monday, Oct 2 - NO SCHOOL

*Pictures to be posted from our walk soon!* Mme. Robichaud | King Street Elementary (

All for now!

- Mme R

Posted: September 18, 2023

Hi folks!

Students are getting into routine at school, I hope they are getting into the swing of things at home too. I try to post to our website each week along with our weekly reminders - it'll take me a bit to get into the swing of things too!

All students received their French levelled books today and are expected to read them each night. Most students also received an English levelled book to read each night as well. If your child has not received an English book, it will be sent home once I've tested them.

Also going home today is our first book order. Our class code is RC198054. Orders are due on or before Thursday, Sept 21st. Please see note attached to book order for further instructions.

Here's our class website to check out photos and reminders: Mme. Robichaud | King Street Elementary (

Reminders for this week:

Monday - change of clothes for gym

Tuesday - 

Wednesday - library day, meet the teacher in the cafeteria @6:30pm @KSE

Thursday - change of clothes for gym


*Our school's Terry Fox walk will be on Monday, September 25th.*

Posted: September 11, 2023

Hi folks!

Happy Monday! Have I mentioned how fabulous our class is today?! We have made great strides in our classroom routines and setting up expectations. They're doing great! I snapped a few pictures to post but of course our school website is down. Once I have them up, I'll send a quick shout out via email.

Students are currently being assessed in their sight words and reading levels in both French and English. I hope to have them done by the end of the week or early next week. Once this is established, you'll get a note to inform you of where your child is at and where we want them to be. Stay tuned! For now, homework is simply odds and ends, getting to bed early and starting good communication between home and school.

Cross-country has started up today with practices/meets afterschool. Since you have a list of practices/meets, I'm going to assume your child has arrangements made for pickup. A quick note in the agenda or email is appreciated to reassure your child all is a go.

Soccer permission pages are due tomorrow (Tuesday, Sept 11th) for those children that were interested. Practices for soccer start next week.

Here are a few routine reminders for you. All for now!

-Mme Robichaud

Reminders for this week:

Monday - already done, check!

Tuesday - 

Wednesday - our first library day

Thursday - change of clothes for gym

Friday - change of clothes for gym

Posted: September 5, 2023

Hi folks!

When I said we have a great groups of kids, boy was I right! Amazing day! We organized the class, started speaking in French and gained some points for free time to use tomorrow. You may find a bag of liquid glue, permanent markers and looseleaf in your student's bookbag. You can have these back and save them for next year - I have plenty.

Thank you to everyone for replying to my first email. Bussing was made easy this year! Clearly the parents and guardians are just as wonderful as the students! Also wonderful in our class this year is Mme Young. She is a UNB student-teacher who will be in and out of our class all year. Mme Andrée-Anne is also at our school for another year for small group activities in French.

If you still have items to bring in, feel free to send them in. Specifically, students will be needing their deck of cards. $2 Agenda & $6 recorder (grade 3 only) money is also being collected and a receipt will be issued when received, starting tomorrow.

All for now!

-Mme R