Mme. Robichaud Notes

Let curiosity take the lead


Posted: February 24, 2022

Hi folks!
Today we had a presentation about online technology and how to be safe with passwords etc. And, how to continue to be kind online. Please take this opportunity to talk to you child(ren) about safety and being a good friend online.
Many students are looking for more glue sticks. Ask your child if they're in need of some!
Any volunteers? We are heading to the Miramichi Ski Club on Thursday, March 3rd from approximately 10:45am-12:15.
As usual, any questions - just shout out!

Posted: February 7, 2022

Hi Folks!
Me again. Such a busy time! This time it's more of an academic message. Here is what will be covering up until March break.
  1. Math: Home-learning had some newer concepts to cover. We will be reviewing these to make sure students are bang on. How can you help? Good ol' fashion multiplication times tables.
    1. Grade 3:
      1. Responsible: up to 5x5
      2. this week - subtraction with regrouping (ex. 421-385)
      3. then - reviewing/reteaching multiplication and division
    2. Grade 4:
      1. Responsible: up to 9x9
      2. this week - multiplication 2 or 3 digit by 1 digit (ex. 62x4)
      3. then - master division 2 or 3 digits by 1 digit (ex. 84 divided by 7)
  2. French - continue with reading strategies and sound of the week etc. How can you help? Read their guided reading book aloud for homework.
  3. French & English - It's Black History month! This will be our focus in both French literacy and English class. We will be reading books, writing and discussing!
  4. Science - we are growing plants in our classroom.
  5. Extras - upcoming will be skating and snowshoeing.
As always, if you have any questions - shout out! Here's hoping this week everyone is into a more settled routine and students are..... back to themselves!

Posted: February 3, 2022

Hi folks!
Students have been doing great with review, catching up and their writing. So proud of them and their positive attitudes. As always, King Street is forever busy and here are a few points to know.
  1. Book Order: Sent home today and due on Wednesday. Shared shipping to save money will be done if we have enough orders. Simply at tax. Or, you can order direct to your door for a price. Our class code is RC198054.
  2. Valentine's Day: Store bought treats and Valentine exchange will be on Monday. Class list is below.
  3. Olympics: Lots of theme days have been sent home. Our class country is Poland and our colours are white and red.
  4. Solo Speech: If anyone is interested in solo speech, let Mrs Comeau or myself know! A fun experience for sure!
Thank you again for all your efforts during our time away. While you folks did great, I sure would rather teach them myself!
Grade 3's: Quentin, Jade, Wil, Claire, Jude, Leah, Jordan
Grade 4's: Sasha, Caitlin, Emma, Helena, Hannah, Madison, Lily, Charleigh, Abby, Chayce
Teachers: Mme Robichaud, Mrs Kane (EA), Mr Williston (Gym) and Mrs Comeau (Music)

Posted: January 28, 2022

Hi Folks!
Well, Friday is here! YAY. Students are back to school on Monday (January 31st). The cafeteria will be open as per usual but with slight changes to seating etc to allow for extra extra spacing etc. while eating.
Here is your packing list for Monday:
  • Mask and extra masks in bookbag
  • Gym clothes
  • All home-learning completed during our time away to be sent back to school
  • Any projects coming back to school (Grade 3 animal habitats or Grade 4 provinces)
  • Library books from our school library
  • Guided reading books for our class
  • Agenda (if it happens to be at home)
  • Water bottle
*Also, MONDAY & TUESDAY: PJ day for our class! Students request. I think they deserve it!*
A massive standing ovation to each every one of my wonderful families and students during this time away. I am extremely appreciative for all of your efforts.
Until Monday!

Posted: January 25, 2022

Hi folks,
I know the home-learning is getting....long. Do what you can. I made videos for each day and for each grade level to help alleviate some stress ( The online programs are simpler and students can be independent.
While I'd like for the home-learning to continue, I also understand that we all have our limits.
If you and/or your child is stressing and need a break, here are some informal learning that I completely encourage. Use them in lieu of the home-learning for the day and pick-up where you left off next time.
  1. Sign-up for this year's Solo Speech Competition. Find the information here: Solo Speech Sign-up | King Street Elementary (
  2. Check out the live cams at the San Diego Zoo. Talk about habitats, animal needs, environmental changes etc. Live Cams | San Diego Zoo
  3. Build something out of snow as a family like a fort or snow slide (Dad Creates Fun Ice Slide In Backyard - YouTube)
  4. Bake some family recipes or have kids make new ones. Here's a neat site: 19 Easy Recipes That Kids Can Make | Cooking With Kids : Food Network | Food Network
  5. Look through old family photos and show kids how you used to be "fun" in your younger years.
Be well and stay positive. This too shall pass!

Hi folks,

  • Please continue to work on our checklist found in your home-learning packs.
  • Our website for support:
  • This week's home-learning pack are in the office (available 8:30-3:30 daily) if you haven't picked yours up.
  • Teams daily in French @1pm.
  • Writing support on teams as needed. Just reach out!

Thank you for all your organizing and efforts in your child's education.


Hi folks,
Next week's home-learning package can be picked up from the school between 8:30-3:30 tomorrow (Thursday) or Friday. If you're unable to make it during those hours, please let me know and we can make other arrangements.
Also, please oh please check out the sway site ( which has and will continue to have "how to" videos which will help your child(ren) - and you - with the work.
I appreciate all your efforts during this time, and I hope it's not giving you folks too much of a headache! Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any questions or if your child just needs a little encouragement or smile.
We will continue to have teams @1pm daily for informal French chatting and listening. Next week we will be writing so I will also have a "drop in" call in the morning. It'll simply be me there should your child need any help with their writing.
Thinking of each one of your silly sweet kids. Thank you again for all your efforts.

Posted: January 19, 2022

Hi everyone!
Home-learning packs are great but don't forget that there are videos with examples found here: They can really help you out!
Also, at today's team meeting (Wednesday, January 19th @1pm) students will be wearing a costume! hehe. Brighten things up a little! Please remind them to keep video and microphone on throughout the meeting. It's great to see and chat with them!
As always, feel free to ask me for any help, direction etc.

Posted: January 17, 2022

Hi folks!

Please refer to our sway site for videos and assignments ( We are still following the outline provided in the home-learning packs. We will have teams every day @1pm, except for Monday, for those that are able to join. If you ever have any questions, send a message.

Posted: January 12, 2022

Hi Everyone!
I hope the first decade of home-learning is .... well, going. I know some are a bit frustrated with teams so I've made a sway site ( This will help me streamline all the videos so everyone has access to them. I will still be using teams @1pm daily where we chat about our work, socialize and play a little game. Please do not hesitate to give me feedback on what's working and what's not. Thinking of you all.

Posted: January 11, 2022

Hi folks!

I must be honest. I thought using Microsoft Teams was for the birds for elementary. But after seeing the handful of students today - it's incredible! Even if you're unable to join the 1pm chats, I have been and will continue to post videos to help with the worksheets etc. I strongly encourage the students to sign-on and take a peek. I'm trying to make it worth it!
With that being said, please feel free to "let me know" if there's anything I need to do to make it easier on you.

Posted: January 10, 2022

For those of you that are tech wizards, I'll be on Microsoft Teams at 1pm for us to "meet" as a group. If it's not in the cards for today, no worries. I'll be there every day at that time. There will be more videos etc to come!

As of right now the grade 4's won't be able to join because of a province-wide tech issue. Hopefully by then it'll be resolved. Fingers crossed!

Posted: January 10, 2022

Happy Monday!
Reminder to pick-up the packages today from King Street. Please use Door B (the pickup/drop off stain glass door) between 9-3pm.
I hope the packages are easy to understand. Please do what you can. We are all at different comfort levels when it comes to home-learning. Check our website for daily "how-to" videos and "see" you on TEAMs at 1pm daily if your child(ren) is/are available and want to join. Please find the link below if you haven't already and reach out if you have any questions/concerns/problems etc. 

Posted: January 2, 2022

Hi folks,
In case you haven't seen it yet, here's our school's Christmas Concert2021 Virtual Christmas Concert | King Street Elementary ( and some Student written Christmas StoriesMme. Robichaud | King Street Elementary (
Also, Home-learning will be starting up for students on Tuesday, January 11th and continuing until the 21st. We will be exploring new content as best we can. Work will be posted to our class website just like before - using paper work with some websites. I will also be using Teams this time around to try and have more interaction with students @1pm daily (starting on Tuesday, January 11th). I realize this won't be possible for everyone. I do plan to have more paper and pencil packs for students to work from in the weeks to come. Stay tuned for more information.
In the meantime, please forward the following information to me:
  • Will your child be able to join TEAMS @1pm daily starting Tuesday, January 11th? This is where we will chat, ask questions and post some work.
  • Is there a person and/or childcare provider you'd like added to our email group/TEAMs site to help your child learn best during Home-Learning?
  • Do you have any ideas to best facilitate your child?
*Please note: I've started to the TEAMs page for our class so we can all become familiar with it and learn together. But......  I won't be posting anymore until Home-Learning actually starts.*