Email Feb 20 2024

Posted: February 20, 2024

Hi folks!

Happy fake Monday. A few updates for the week. Please note, a memo is going home today about lots of activities for next week. We are looking for a few volunteers that have their Policy 701. If you're able to join the fun, please let us know. First come, first serve. I've also posted some of the letter on our website. Mme. Robichaud | King Street Elementary (

Grade 3 students have a subtraction test tomorrow (Wednesday). We've been practicing, but a little extra practice at home will never hurt. Next up, we will begin multiplication and continue next week. After the break will be division. In French writing we are wrapping up our magic potions and will begin our writing on a NB animal. In English we are wrapping up our animal research report.

Grade 4 students are exploring different strategies to multiply 2 or 3 digit numbers by one digit. After the break we will explore estimating with division, long multiplication and long division (buckle up!). In French writing we are wrapping up our country research project and in English too! Next up will be a research report on a country.

Both grade 3&4 have been continuing to discuss and learn about Black history month. We will finish with an English report as well as a few writing activities in French. Despite wrapping up our Black history month, we will continue to review and discuss its importance.



WED: recorder needed, KSE Library book

THURS: gym clothes needed

FRI: gym clothes needed