Email January 24 2023

Posted: January 24, 2023

Hi folks!

Tomorrow is the Grade 4 scheduled test. It is on provinces and capitals. Here are some tricks we use in class: John lives in Terre-Neuve (Nwfl), Claire Vic lives in Colombie-Britannique (BC), Y goes with "W" (Yellowknife & TNO, Whitehorse & Yukon), a MAN flies a jet (Winnipeg, Manitoba), long places together (Charlottetown, IPE), the queen in Sask and ton and ta goes together Edmonton, Alberta.

Grade 3 students will have a Math test later this week. We have been practicing our subtraction with regrouping. Example questions: 623-521, 618-479, 508-148, and 489-197. We also complete questions like: 700-148. The trick there is that the 70 goes to 69 tens and 10 units.

Also just wanted to send a heads up that there are quite a few sore throats etc in class, interrupted sleeps etc. Some cranky kids! haha. Hoping everyone gets healthy super soon!

All for now!