Email Nov 28 2023

Posted: November 28, 2023

Hi folks!
The students and I are well aware of a second teacher in our class, but I'm pretty sure I forgot to tell you folks about it! This year, we have Amilya Young with us. She is a student-teacher from UNB. So, if you ever hear one of the students talking about Mme Young, they are referring to her! A page will go home this week about Parent-Teacher Interviews etc.
We also have Mme Andrée-Anne. She is a French Language Mentor that is assigned to our school. She rotates between French Immersion classes to provide classroom support. In our class, Mme Andrée-Anne provides extra support for reading interventions and to promote French language acquisition.
We've been fortunate to have lots of teachers for the students. Last week we had a great presentation by Peter and Deanna Gadd who have helped us learn about Tree Swallows. We even chose locations to install nest boxes for the spring. Make sure to check our class website for pictures of our adventures. Link: Mme. Robichaud | King Street Elementary (
Writing examples in both French and English have been sent home. Please sign and return if you haven't already. Thanks!
Cash draw tickets - Fill out form and send in money once you are ready. Tickets will be given to you in the weeks to come. Thank you in advance for supporting the school and hopefully winning some money!
Phew! That was a LONG one! As always, reach out should you need anything.
Wear appropriate outdoor clothing - it's chilly and often wet out there!

WED- KSE library books

THURS- gym clothes needed

FRI- Ugh, December 1st! Need gym clothes