Email Nov 7 2023

Posted: November 7, 2023

Hi folks!

Heads up - we will be going skating near the end of the month. Please start digging out your skates and helmet if necessary. If you'd like to borrow skates and helmets from the school for the year, today is the last day to do so until 5:30 pm. If they do not have skates on the day we go skating, they will not be able to attend.

Also, Grade 3 students have begun participating in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters sponsored program called SNAP. It stands for Stop Now and Plan and is a 12 lesson program that helps students stop and think before acting.

Our first Math unit is coming to a close and tests will be heading home tomorrow. Grade 3 please continue to review mixed money. Grade 4 please continue to review subtraction with regrouping.

*Our class website has some nice pictures up for your viewing pleasure! Mme. Robichaud | King Street Elementary ( *


WED: library, SNAP for grade 3, grade 4 to have a special presentation by Mr. Bosma

THURS: gym clothes, Remembrance Ceremony @9am (please dress pretty if you are involved)

FRI: gym clothes

MON - No school.