Email October 23

Posted: October 23, 2023

Hi folks!

Another busy week ahead - is there ever a week that isn't?!

  • Gardening gloves: I'm asking for students to bring in a pair of gardening gloves or gloves that can be dirty. We will be harvesting the last bit of the garden and planting garlic this week and next. Please keep them in their bookbag if possible.
  • Jerseys: Cross-country members and school soccer players are asked to return their jerseys by tomorrow. There will also be a team picture tomorrow.
  • Black Light / Choir: Black Light performance will be watched by our whole school on Thursday morning. Open to the public on Thursday night @6:30pm. Choir members are asked to be at JMH for 5:45.
  • Library: Our class will be visiting both the school library and Chatham public library on Wednesday morning. Please dress according to the weather. Don't forget your library card!
  • Halloween: celebrations at KSE will be held on Monday, October 30th. Stay tuned for more information from the office. We have 23 students in the class. No peanuts please!


*ALL WEEK* = gardening gloves

TUES: First Nations Drumming assembly

WED: School library books needed, Public Library Card & Field Trip

THURS: Black light performance in AM, need gym clothes

FRI: need gym clothes