Email Sept 11 2023

Posted: September 11, 2023

Hi folks!

Happy Monday! Have I mentioned how fabulous our class is today?! We have made great strides in our classroom routines and setting up expectations. They're doing great! I snapped a few pictures to post but of course our school website is down. Once I have them up, I'll send a quick shout out via email.

Students are currently being assessed in their sight words and reading levels in both French and English. I hope to have them done by the end of the week or early next week. Once this is established, you'll get a note to inform you of where your child is at and where we want them to be. Stay tuned! For now, homework is simply odds and ends, getting to bed early and starting good communication between home and school.

Cross-country has started up today with practices/meets afterschool. Since you have a list of practices/meets, I'm going to assume your child has arrangements made for pickup. A quick note in the agenda or email is appreciated to reassure your child all is a go.

Soccer permission pages are due tomorrow (Tuesday, Sept 11th) for those children that were interested. Practices for soccer start next week.

Here are a few routine reminders for you. All for now!

-Mme Robichaud

Reminders for this week:

Monday - already done, check!

Tuesday - 

Wednesday - our first library day

Thursday - change of clothes for gym

Friday - change of clothes for gym