First day back

Posted: September 5, 2023

Hi folks!

When I said we have a great groups of kids, boy was I right! Amazing day! We organized the class, started speaking in French and gained some points for free time to use tomorrow. You may find a bag of liquid glue, permanent markers and looseleaf in your student's bookbag. You can have these back and save them for next year - I have plenty.

Thank you to everyone for replying to my first email. Bussing was made easy this year! Clearly the parents and guardians are just as wonderful as the students! Also wonderful in our class this year is Mme Young. She is a UNB student-teacher who will be in and out of our class all year. Mme Andrée-Anne is also at our school for another year for small group activities in French.

If you still have items to bring in, feel free to send them in. Specifically, students will be needing their deck of cards. $2 Agenda & $6 recorder (grade 3 only) money is also being collected and a receipt will be issued when received, starting tomorrow.

All for now!

-Mme R