Home Learning for November 10, 2021

Posted: November 10, 2021

Hello there everyone!

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day. Please take the time today to watch these two book links below:

Lest We Forget Written by Kerry Brown & Illustrated by Isobel Knowles & Benjamin Portas - YouTube


After you have listened to those, please use your notebook and write a story about why you wear a poppy. Why is it important? How does it make you feel? Why is it a poppy that we wear? How do you feel on Remembrance Day? I can't wait to read them when we see eachother again.

For math today, I have left 3 sheets for number value. Remember that if you know what numbers are worth, you can do anything with them!

You should also be studying your facts. (adding and subtracting)

Remember that you have all kinds of assignments on Splashlearn to get finished up.

For word work, please write the word "Veteran" in your notebook and then see how many other words and smaller words that you can make using that word. I challenge you to find 7!

You can login to Raz kids from the link yesterday and continue to work on reading. All of those books and activities are levelled and will help you continue to progress in reading. Remember that, "practice makes perfect". Keep practicing that reading.

Remember to get outside and observe what is around you. The weather is changing and soon the ground will be covered in snow. Explore while you can. Your brain needs that nice fresh air and movement.

This afternoon, please listen to the link below:


and then try the step by step drawing to create your own poppy using the following:

How To Draw Poppies - YouTube

Also, if you go to the main page on our King Street Elementary web page, Mrs. Comeau has done a beautiful job of commemorating some of our families veterans. There are two videos. A slideshow and then last years ceremony. Please watch that and honor our fallen veterans, as well as those who still serve.

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day. Please take a silent moment on that day to be thankful for all that served and who still do. I have uploaded a small booklet. You don't have to print it, but you could read through it yourself. It is an easy read and I think you will like it. 

Take care.