Home Learning- January 13th, 2022

Posted: January 13, 2022

Good Morning Grade 1 Lions, 

Today is the third day of Home Learning. In the Home Learning Packet, today's literacy activity is called "Ending Sound Match Puzzle", the math activity is called "Shape Sort", the writing activity is called "How to Brush Your Teeth", and the math game is called "Egg Head". 

Remember to try and read your levelled books each day, as well as review your sight words and try to complete an activity on your January Reading Bingo sheet. Please make sure you keep track of your books, so you can return them to school when we are back together in person, as these books belong to the school.

Today is not as cold as the last few days, so hopefully you get a chance to go outside and get some fresh air!

Keep up your hard work and have a great day :)