Home Learning January 20th, 2022

Posted: January 20, 2022

HellGrade One Families

Today is Thursday January 20th and we are into our 4day of Week2 of our home learning packet!

Today, for home learning you will find the following sheets to complete:  Reading with Color Words, Cookie Addition, and for writing today there is an Opinion Writing sheet. In your writing tell what pet you would like best and write 3 sentences about why you like to have a cat or a dog best. Here is an example:

I would rather have a dog than a cat at my home.

I would choose a dog because I think they are very

friendly. Dogs have more energy to play. It is also

easy to teach dogs tricks and that is fun! I love dogs.

Have you played any of the math games that were in your packet yet? If you do not have dice, simply cut or rip 6 pieces of paper and write numbers 1-6 on them. Mix the papers up and randomly pick a number to play your game.

Please do not forget to read your levelled books every day and review your sight words. How many sight wordsdo you have in your memory bank now?

Take care and I hope you all have a nice day!


Miss Gallant ♥