Sight Word Cards

Posted: October 14, 2021

Good Afternoon everyone! I hope everyoneis well and staying safe. In this note I will attach the sight word cards that were given at the first of the year. Many differnt games can be played with these cards. It is important to review in the order that they were given and only practice 3- 4 cards until you have mastered those and then try out 3- 4 new ones! Here are a few ideas to help you learn your sight words in a fun way :

Memory Match make a double set of 3- 4 cards and see if you can read the cards as you try to make a match

I spy - tape the sight word cards around your room and spy the ones you can read. 

Read the sight words with a flash light - before you go to bed, tape the words around your room, shut out the light, and shine a light on all your words and say them! 

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