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Grade 1

Posted: October 15, 2021

Good morning everyone!

We hope you had the chance to try some of the activities that we had posted yesterday and that you had fun doing them. We are attaching another document with activities that you can do today. Remember, you can work on these activities in addition to the materials that were sent home in your "Home Learning Package". 

Stay safe, happy Friday, and have a great weekend! 

Mrs. Schofield & Ms. Hallihan :) 

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Friday, October 15, 2021

Posted: October 14, 2021

King Street Elementary Remembrance Day Program 2021

We are collecting photos of family members who served or who are currently serving in the military. We will be having a slideshow presentation as part of our 2021 “Virtual” Remembrance Day Program. This slide show will be uploaded on our KSE school website

NOTE   If an older sibling has submitted a photo in the past, they will not need to resubmit.  Please update family photo if they have a brother or sister that now attends KSE. 

Please e-mail the photo of the veteran to,


Please complete the form below and return back by October28,2021


Name of student(s) - ____________________________

Classroom teacher - _____________________________

Name of veteran/active military personnel:____________

Relationship to student(s) - _______________________

Important information: example – WWI, WWII


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Posted: October 14, 2021

Hello everyone! 

Now that our teacher page is up and running, we would like to share some activities with you that you can do at home today. These can be done in addition to any of the activities that we sent home with you in your "Home Learning Package". We have attached the document below. 

Happy learning,

Mrs. Schofield and Ms. Hallihan :) 

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Posted: October 14, 2021

Welcome Grade 1 Lions! 

This is our teacher page, which we will be using as a place to share information and fun activities with you, and to post photos of all the good times our class is having here at King Street Elementary. On days when home learning is taking place, if you wish to share photos of all the hard work that you are doing at home, we can post them on here as well!

Mrs. Schofield (

Ms. Hallihan (




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