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Nous apprenons ensemble en croquant un mot à la fois!

Posted: November 9, 2021

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Posted: November 9, 2021

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Posted: November 9, 2021


  • Check out the documents posted all about emotions, describing your family, what's in your school bag, in your classroom, how do you get to school.  Can you answer the questions orally, in writing and then read it?
  • Continue with « Les Mots de la Semaine »: read, write, shout them out!
  • Log in to “Je lis, Je lis, Littératie” – a couple of books in Magenta Collection

You can even record yourself and listen to yourself reading! (Reply to my email for your child’s personal login information)

  • Be creative – draw your words in a hopscotch or on a BINGO card!  Get the whole family in on the fun!

You and Your World

  • Get outside for some fresh air! Play, go for a walk and get your daily dose of Vitamin D!
  • “Comment te sens-tu?”
  • Listen to the song “Les Émotions” on YouTube and then describe your own emotions and why.
  • Practice “Les Couleurs” en Français Listen to Youtube song on colors and practice with your family!
  • Describe what you are wearing using colors:  Je porte un chandail bleu (I’m wearing a blue shirt.)  Je porte un pantalon gris. (I’m wearing a gray pair of pants.)
  • Describe yourself: J’ai les cheveux blonds et les yeux noisettes.  Je porte des lunettes.(I have blond hair, and hazel eyes.  I wear glasses.)
  • Try describing others in your household or friends :  Nick a les cheveux bruns.  Il a les yeux bruns.  (Nick has brown hair. He has brown eyes.)  (boy: il / girl: elle)

Say it, Write it, Read it! 

Posted: November 9, 2021


Choose some or all these activities to help support the learning!

Continue with the Math document in “Notes” you can look at for a reference of How Many Ways to Make 10! 

There are lots of ideas on my Teacher Page for you to navigate, documents, videos and Weblinks.  You don’t have to do them all, just do what you can! 


  • Continue working on your Math in a Flash! homeword cards
  • Practice representing numbers to 20 (tally, 10 frame, draw, dice)
  • How Many Ways Can You Make 10?!
  • Zorbit’s Math
  • Play Math Games available on the “Documents” or “Weblinks” tabs
  • YouTube counting en Français 0-20, and all the way to 100 if you want!
  • Practice writing the numbers 0-20
  • Practice counting 0-20 forwards and backwards
  • Practice pattern making ABAB,ABCABC,ABCDABCD,ABB, AAB…

Posted: November 9, 2021

le mardi 9 novembre, 2021

Bonjour classe!

Aujourd’hui c’est le mardi 9 novembre, 2021.  Maintenant, il fait un petit peu du soleil et nuageux.  Il y a des nuages blancs et gris.  Le ciel est gris et un peu de bleu.  Il fait 2 degrés. Brrrr!

C’est la fete de mon papa aujourd’hui!  Il a 74 ans ! Mon papa s’appelle Hubert.  Mon papa a des cheveux gris.  Il a les yeux noisettes.  Il porte des lunettes.  Bonne fête, papa!  J’aime mon papa!

Can you be a « Détective de Mots” and find our “Mots de la Semaine” in our "Message du Jour".  Get out your magnifying glass!


Continue with our Math and Literacy documents, and don't forget to check out Mr. Williston's Teacher Page for Physical Education ideas. 

Looks like it will be a beautiful day!  Take the learning outside and use counting or addition with things in nature.  Be creative: count the clouds, leaves, how many jumps skipping rope...the list goes on!  Make patterns with rocks or leaves.  Order your branches or things in nature from smallest to biggest...have fun with it!

Have a great day everyone and please reach out if you need anything at all!

Posted: November 8, 2021

Missing Addend

Posted: November 8, 2021


Bonjour Classe!

I hope you all had a nice weekend!

Aujourd’hui c’est le lundi 8 novembre, 2021. Il fait du soleil aujourd’hui!

Hier c'était le dimanche 7 novembre, 2021

Demain ce sera le mardi 9 novembre, 2021

C'est la fête de mon papa, demain!  

Demain, il aura 74 ans (soixante-quatorze ans)!  Mon papa s'appelle Hubert.  Il a les cheveux gris et les yeux noisettes.  J'aime mon papa!


Comment s'appelle ton papa?  Comment s'appelle ta maman?  Avez-vous des frères ou des sœurs? Comment s’appelle ton frère? Comment s’appelle ta sœur? Avez-vous un animal de compagnie?  Comment s’appelle ton chien ou ton chat?


I have posted some documents for Literacy and Maths and You and Your World.  Check out "Documents" tab to find all the Math and Literacy activities you can work on today.  You don't have to do it all, just do what you can!  

Allez jouer dehors aujourd'hui, les amis! (Go play outside today, friends!)





Posted: November 5, 2021

Bonjour Classe!

Aujourd’hui c’est le vendredi 5 novembre, 2021.

Il fait du soleil et il fait froid! Brrr!

Le grand soleil jaune est dans le beau ciel bleu!

I have posted some documents for Literacy and Maths.  Take a look in "Documents" and have fun with the activities today!
Allez jouer dehors aujourd'hui, les amis! (Go play outside today, friends!)


Message du jour:

Bonjour les élèves (students)!


Je m’appelle Madame Gauthier!

Comment s’appelle-t-elle?

Elle s’appelle Kelsey.

Comment s’appelle-t-il?

Il s’appelle Patrick.

(Il for a boy and elle for a girl) Practice with your family today and have fun!

Can you find the words of the weeks in this message? Let me know!

Je vous aime! I love you!

C’est vendredi! Je suis contente!


Bonne fin de semaine!



If you need anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact my via email : 
Bonne Journée! ~ Mme. Gauthier


Posted: November 5, 2021

Roulez un Visage!

Have fun with this Math game and color it!!  Using your vocabulary of "Les Couleurs" and also how to describe your hair and eyes in French!
File roll_a_face.docx90.07 KB

Posted: November 5, 2021

C'est vendredi!

Jouez au BINGO aujourd'hui!
If you can't print them out, make your own BINGO cards using these as a reference.
You can use your Halloween candy as prizes! 
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