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4 Glazier 2021

Posted: November 9, 2021

Bonjour mes amis,

Continue to work on yesterday's lesson plan. I've added a Youtube video on Remembrance Day and activity sheets for students to work on. Please check that out! See below!

Have a great day! Don't forget to continue to send me pictures! Miss you!

Mme Glazier ;) 

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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Posted: November 8, 2021

Le Jour du Souvenir!

Here is a short video explaining what is Remembrance Day with French Vocabulary. 

Posted: November 8, 2021

Here are some cute Remembrance Day activities in French. 

Posted: November 7, 2021

Bonjour parents,

I hope with the new time change routine will stay the same and your kids will adapt quickly. How ironic with the new time change, this week's math concept is time. Ha!

I've added a few websites on telling time. Students will be able to read and write the time on an analogic and numeric clock.

Please check out the webiste and you can even print worksheets if you have a printer. If you do not have a printer, they can write their answers on a sheet of paper. Again, please collect their work and return to school. 

Hope all is well!

Mme Glazier ;)

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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Posted: November 7, 2021

telling time worksheets 2

Posted: November 7, 2021

draw the clock

Posted: November 7, 2021

telling time work sheets

Posted: November 7, 2021

how to tell time

Posted: November 7, 2021

telling time

Posted: November 5, 2021

Yoga pour enfants!


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