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Posted: February 27, 2023

Hi folks!

We will be staying put at the school this week with no field trips! It's been a while since that's happened. Keep having your child read at home each night for homework.

Here are your (and my) reminders for the week.

DAILY - Proper winter attire for playing in the snow such as snow pants, hats, mitts, boots and jacket. Students get outside as much as possible and it's much more enjoyable when they are dressed properly. 

MON - School Spirit Day (KSE colours), need gym clothes

TUES - Career Day (come as what you want to be when you grow up), need their recorder

WED - Hat Day (wear a funny or favourite hat), need their recorder

THURS - Disney Day (wear disney clothing or dress as your favourite disney character), need gym clothes

FRI - Pajama Day (wear your PJs), need gym clothes


*Reminder that March Break is March 6-10th.* Many parents are worried about their children loosing progress over the March Break (or even if being absent for many days due to illness). Online platforms such as Lalilo and Splash Learn are still available during the break if you want some "good" screen time or keeping up with their skills.

All for now!

Posted: February 22, 2023

Hi folks!

A few more reminders for this week.....

  • Our Reading Bingo page is due next Wednesday on March 1st.
  • This FRIDAY there will be an optional dance in the gym at noon hour. This is a fundraiser for the grade 5 classes. To attend is $1 and glowsticks are $1. Money can be sent in tomorrow (Thursday) or Friday.
  • Our class website is updated with some sweet pictures. Enjoy! Mme. Robichaud | King Street Elementary (

All for now!

Posted: February 21, 2023

Mme Kaley McGraw and Mrs Flanagan brought the other half of the class back to Bridgeview Hall. They had lots of fun seeing the residents again and meeting a few new friends. Special thanks to Joanne Hardy and Jordan's mom Amanda Quinn! So much fun getting to know our friends. So amazing to see...

Posted: February 21, 2023

What a great visit! Thank you for having us Losier Hall. Mme Robichaud and half our class visited with some skilled cars players today. Special thanks to Kia Lynch for hosting us and Edie's mom Alyssa for giving us a special visit around a "court" with Lola the cat. They played crib, 7up, Crazy...

Posted: February 21, 2023

Hi folks!

We had a great field trip today with half the class going to Losier Hall and the other half heading back to Bridgeview. Some tough competition with the cards. Pictures to be uploaded soon!


Here are some reminders for the rest of the week:

Wednesday: PINK SHIRT DAY and don't forget to bring your recorder.

Thursday: gym clothes needed

Friday: gym clothes needed


All for now!

Posted: February 16, 2023

Thank you to the Nelson Ski Club for having us! We had loads of laughs.

Posted: February 16, 2023

Check out our fun Lunar New Year lanterns and our visit by Mr Hembrough, Grayson and Brett makers of our crib boards!

Posted: February 15, 2023

Hi folks!

We are going to the Nelson Ski Club tomorrow (11:30-2) to go CROSS COUNTRY SKIING! We had the chance at this last minute and I jumped on it! We are looking for parent volunteers to come join the fun. No experience necessary and there is equipment you can use at the club. Come play!

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD HAS A PACKED LUNCH FOR TOMORROW (THURSDAY). Light snowpants, hat and mitts are suggested.

Friday will be a regular school day. Monday is FAMILY DAY (no school) and on Tuesday we will be going to Losier Hall and Bridgeview to play crib with some residents in the morning.

I think we are having too much fun!

All for now.

Posted: February 13, 2023

Hi folks!

Here are the highlights of the week to help stay organized....

Monday: already done!

Tuesday: recorder, Valentine's Day party (don't forget your Valentine's, treats for the class is optional)

Wednesday: recorder, wear red & white for Flag Day

Thursday: need your gym clothes

Friday: need your gym clothes & a school concert to attend in the afternoon


Here is the link for our class site to check out some pictures I've snapped from last week's Field Trip, Skating and Skiing.

All for now!


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