Mrs. Hambrook

Mrs. Hambrook

Posted: November 5, 2021

Hello again,

It's Friday! What are all of your polans for the weekend?

Please listen to the book on the link below:

A Weekend With Wendell w Words, Music & EFX - YouTube

After listening, please take out your notebook and make a list of things that Sophie and Wendall did and then make a second list of things you enjoy doing when you have friends over.  How are they the same? How are they different? Do you like having friends over for the night? 

Next, copy the chart below and complete:

Sort these words into the appropriate category












Words: pack, sack, track, tack, bake, lock, dock, sock, clock


Challenge: Can you add more ack and ock words?


For Math today, please play this game:

Comparing Number Values | More Than, Less Than, Equal • ABCya!

After you are completed, please complete a practice facts quiz with the person that you do your homework with. It should be 10 questions of mixed adding and subtracting facts like we do in class!

After that, please login to Splashlearn.

Remember to go outside and explore. Look at all of the different leaves that have fallen to the ground. Check out their shapes and see if you can find which tree each ahs fallen off of.


I hope that you have a good day and a great weekend! I hope to see you all soon!


I know that I told you that I would send Kevin's Halloween pics. Here he is. He has a hard time deciding what to wear! Send us a picture of you in your costume too! 

Posted: November 4, 2021

Good morning!

Today I would like you to listen to the read aloud in this link. Listen closely because you are going to have an assignment afterward. I think you will like it!

What If You Had Animal Eyes? Science Animal Adaptations Read Aloud - YouTube

After you listen, please work on writing in the notebook in your home learning packet. Write a story about what it would be like if you woke up with Animal Eyes. Which animal would you want to be? What would you do? Where would you live and explore? Remember to add lots of detail and make your story come alive! I'm excited to read them! When you are finished, draw yourself with your animal eyes. If you are able, look up exactly what those animal eyes would look like.

Next, please complete the word work link below:

IXL | Use spelling patterns to sort long and short vowel words | Grade 3 English language arts


For Math, I have added more to your splashlearn assignments. I see that some of you have gone on to practice. GOOD JOB!

You can also continue with math worksheets in your packet, or if you do not have the packet for any reason, you can practice skip counting by 2,5,10 to 500!! 

Also, if time, please use the following numbers to draw base ten model, and expanded form in your notebook. 

1. 234

2. 546

3. 409

4. 765

5. 200


For more exploration in Science, please go to the following link and explore. 

Life Science Resources for Kids Grades K-6 - Science A-Z

Don't forget to get outside and exercise or enjoy some fresh air. That is very important to keeping a healthy mind and body.

I am attaching 3 pics of Kevin in my photos. Check him out. I remember that I told you that I would show you what he looked like at Halloween. He couldn't decide on just one outfit. Feel free to send me your pic from Halloween as well. (

Have a good day everyone!


Posted: November 3, 2021

Good day!

Today, please listen to a read aloud on Storyline Online while you enjoy your breakfast! Listen to how the book is read and how the readers voice sounds like talking. Listen to how they raise and lower their voice becasue of certain punctuation.

For word work today, write 8 names of friends or family and then rewrite those names in alphabetical order in your notebook.

Next, I have left 2 Reading Comprehension sheets to complete. If you cannot print them, just write the answers to the questions in your notebook.

Also, don't forget to be adding to the stories that I have asked you to write, both in your packet and on her in previous days. Make your stories come to life!

For Math today, I have left a sheet on here to print, or you can continue in your packet. ALso, don't forget to login to Splashlearn. I can see that you have visited! Complete the assigned items first and then continue on the site.

I am also leaving an outdoor Math Challenge for you to try.

Don't forget to try that STEM challenge from Monday.

I sure hope to see you soon!

Email anytime at      Enjoy your day and explore!!

Posted: November 2, 2021

Good morning,

Today, start your day with a read aloud from the Storyline Online link once again. 

Next, please take the words from your word wall scavenger hunt yesterday and write them in ABC order in your notebook provided. Don't forget to date your work, so that when you bring it back to me, I will know when you did it. 

Next, please draw a picture of you in your Halloween costume and then write me a story about your adventures on Halloween. Remember to use lots of description to your writing!

Please remember to read out of your levelled book each day. 

For Math today, please use the number that you counted for your treats yesterday and draw that number using Base Ten Model (Flats, rods and units), write the same number in written form (Exactly how you say it), and then in expanded form (100+20+1=121).

Practice your facts. 

Login to Splashlearn using the code from the letter that I sent in your packet. Don't forget to do the assignments from the teacher first.

Work on your sheets from your packet.

Go out and exercise. Enjoy a nature walk, collect leaves and look at all the types of leaves that there are around you!

Enjoy your day, and as always, if you need me, please email me at


Posted: November 1, 2021

Try this AWESOME challenge using your Halloween treats!

Posted: November 1, 2021

Welcome to Monday! 

Today, begin your day with a nice breakfast to get that brain woke up and ready to learn! 

Take a few minutes and go to Storyline Online - Home and listen to one book read aloud. 

Next, please do a sight word scavenger hunt around your home. Try and locate some where that you can see the following sight words written. (a sign on your wall, the flyers, a magazine or a poster, etc) Write the words down off of this screen and when you find them, write them neatly into the notebook that is in your home learning bag. Check them off as you find them. You will need these words again tomorrow. Here they are: are, said, use, made, first, friends, after, girl, our, other.  Happy searching!

Next, please read one of your levelled books out of your Home Learning packet. Remember that reading should sound like talking, very flowing and accurate. 

When you are finished, write at least 3 sentences in your home learning notebook that tells me what you liked about the book that you read. Remember to "call the COPS" on your writing. 

For math today, please complete 1 of the sheets in your Home Learning packet. Next, take your treats out of your treat bags. Put the items into piles/groups of 10. When you have everything piled, skip count to tell me how many treats that you got altogether! Write it in our notebook, under todays date. 

Make sure that you go play outside today and burn off all of the sugar that you may have eaten! 

I am also going to post a stem activity that you can work on for the next few days. 

If you need anything or hae any questions at all, please email me at

I will answer you back directly. Good luck and see you soon. 

Posted: November 1, 2021

I hope that you had a safe and fun Halloween! Today begins home learning until we can be back in class again. Please see the attachment below for some recommended ideas and time frames for Home Learning. 

Posted: October 14, 2021


I hope that you are working through your Home Learning packet. You need to make sure that you are reading to self each day for 15-20 minutes, practicing those math facts and working on writing. You can bring your completed work back on Monday and I will give you what you will do next time, if we ever have to learn from home again.

Today, please take the following numbers and list them from greatest to least:

231, 123, 321, 23, 111,122, 322, 121, 345, 222.

For word work, I woudl like you to look around your living room and list 5 things. After you list them, I want you to put those words into ABC order.

Most of all, I want you to have an AWESOME DAY!! 

Posted: October 12, 2021

Hello there,

Please work through parts of your Home Learning Packets for the next 3 days. Children should read each day, practice facts, skip counting practice by 2,5,10 and 100 would be wonderful. They can also login to their SPLASHLEARN ACCOUNT. I will place the link and login on my page. The packet that they have includes Literacy and Math. The packet can be brought back in to me when complete. Thank you and stay safe. 


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